Korallreven + Pariah + Take + Super Cat

Posted by Jakub

This Memoryhouse cover sounds like if they tried to redo the Twin Peaks theme song for a teen audience in 2012 if it didn’t have the beat.

You wanna hear how oceans on other planets sound? then Safehouses by Pariah shares an example that i’d hope would be the true sound for that, the magic is the underlying synth work half way thru.

Shigeto turned me onto this Mono/Poly remix of Take, sounds like what you’d listen to if you were driving to spot to mess some people up, you got an aluminum bat for some reason in the back seat , hell maybe even a bandanna on over your face because you wanted to step up a notch on the accessories tip.

Let all your worries leave your body and just do a slow bounce in your chair to this Super Cat cut.

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Graham says:

March 3, 2011 at 5:31 am

Fuck man, you have a crazy imagination. Very funny. But mostly spot on which is the scary part.