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Starfawn is a avant synth project from Vermont natives Misha and Amber. Their style seems to be the best i’ve heard in the post-goth scramble thats going on. Tons of NES and SNES chipped out chunks collapsing into melodies while the vocals reach whimsical levels that serenade and melt the diverse sounds into one pleasing piece of work. Download this song for free on their mini site.

Beef Terminal comes from the Lefse/Waaga camp, dwelling in the Slowdive/Bvdub areas then gently raising out into the open with beats up front, this project definitely has potential and vision for a good live show for the lovers that drift in and out of euphoric sessions when they listen to music.

Went back to this Gang Gang Dance album, here’s the long cut, such a rewarding listen.

I’m expecting one of the best releases from Scandinavia with this Korallreven album, here’s our first taste, seems like the guys went for it, some pop intentions in there that don’t hurt, in love with piano part towards the end, can’t wait for the rest.

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