J Dilla+Madlib+Metal Fingers+Madvillian

Posted by Jakub

This is part 2 of what was posted the other day about a few other producers that make some of the best hip hop instrumentals.

J Dilla – Airworks


Madlib – Mystic Bounce


Metal Fingers – White Willow Bark


Madvillian – Monkey Suite


Bullion – Untitled (Beach Boys?)


Jaylib – The Official (Instrumental)

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Glenford says:

August 12, 2008 at 9:46 pm

that dumile piece is so jolly, but i must admit i prefer a good rap over it. i have a track with JJ dropping amazing rhymes on it, called ‘dr. dooom louder’.

also, the official was my top track from that album. overall i didn’t get too into it, although there is a slice of utter genius at the end of one of the tracks(song is escaping my memory right now)’s like maybe 10seconds of the best beat on the whole album.

on another note, jakub, did you get much of a chance to check stephen wilkinson’s duckular project? he went into stealth mode with it, but for awhile there his myspace was getting updated fairly regularly with his progess and of the 10 or 15 beats i scooped up i’d say he is a massive talent with the mpc.