70’s Finnish architect Matti Suuronen

Posted by Jakub

Matti Suuronen
Matti Suuronen
Matti Suuronen
Lately i’ve been looking into a prefab home and how much they run so i can start saving maybe. Anyone here know anyone that owns one or stayed in one? do they like it? i heard in Germany that it’s actually something people are buying.

On a side note i can’t believe this house isn’t treated well.

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steve says:

August 13, 2008 at 10:34 am

pre-fab homes are a lot more work than you think. because they are pretty much constructed off-site and then slapped together in your yard, you can expect a ton of problems. there will be no such thing as a straight line in it. most door and window frames will be misaligned from transport. it is one of those things that seem to be much better in theory than in reality.