NPR features A Ghostly Essentials Comp

Posted by Jakub

NPR featured We’ll Never Stop Living This Way: A Ghostly Primer, you can listen to all these songs before the release on their site in 3 parts, it includes plenty of exclusives and some of the hit singles by the main crew of artists that have released on the label.

Tracklisting below:
1 GOLD PANDA – Peaky Caps
2 SHIGETO – Eternal Life
3 OUTPUTMESSAGE – Bernard’s Song
4 MATTHEW DEAR – Fleece On Brain
5 DABRYE – Jorgy (feat. Waajeed)
6 MOBIUS BAND – Multiply
7 TYCHO – Coastal Brake
8 DANIEL WANG – Berlin Sunrise (Diskjokke Version) [Unreleased]
9 SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS – Half Asleep (Lusine Remix)
10 AEROC – My Love, The Wave Break
11 LAWRENCE – Five Leaves
13 TADD MULLINIX – Exchanging Modes
14 THE SIGHT BELOW – No Place For Us
15 LOSCIL – Union Dusk
16 BENOIT PIOULARD – Little A Strongly More Go I
17 PALE SKETCHER – Dummy (Bahnhoff Version)
18 CEPIA – Tape
20 OSBORNE – Outta Sight (Luke Vibert Remix)
21 LUSINE – Double Vision
22 SOLVENT – Loss For Words (Solvent’s CompuRhythm Mix)
23 JDSY – Horizon Line
24 DEASTRO – Tone Adventure #3
25 MICHNA – Redline Flights
26 THE REFLECTING SKIN – Traffickers
27 MUX MOOL – Crackers
28 KILN – Flycatcher
29 KATE SIMKO – The Creative Part
30 COM TRUISE – Cyanide Sisters [Unreleased]

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Ramune ( says:

December 9, 2010 at 1:53 pm

This is absolutely lovely. Completely made my week . . . no . . . month.

I am especially excited about the Benoit Pioulard track because I remember absolutely loving it when he played it in Brooklyn the other month and I could find it nowhere. So glad I will be able to download it as part of this great compilation. Can’t wait for the 14th.


Ty Palmer says:

December 14, 2010 at 2:36 am

I swear I see the genius people who select the music for NPR’s “All Things Considered” at the best venues for the best events. That guy, that one over there. See that look in his eye? He’s the one who makes returning travelers sit in their driveway and refuse to turn the key and open the door for fear of ending the sweet nugget of 30 second audio goodness that lingers after a news story. I know he’s the guy. For a brew, he just might let me peruse his ipod….