Braids+Weekend+Secret Mountains+Miracle

Posted by Jakub

I have a good feeling about Braids, a very good feeling that this band will do great things, they have a sound that is easy to fall in love with. A little bird tipped on them last night and i’m glad they did, sounds promising. I love how the singer sings in a way that makes me to follow her lyrics but I think I hear some potty mouth parts in there, I could be wrong.

After listening to this Weekend song I almost thought it was too far into the cold season to post but hey why not I don’t post enough straight rock on the blog and this one is a good one compared to plenty of what is out there that has this feel.

This Secret Mountains tracks takes many different shapes for only being less than 7 minutes, it calms nicely like something Blonde Redhead would have done years ago then swells into psychedelia, i’ll keep them on the radar and maybe pick up their cassette LP when it drops.

I had to break up the small rock playlist with a Tangerine Dream-ish effort by Miracle, this track goes on a beautiful journey yet I wish the spastic percussion at the end had more depth in the sound.

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