John Lamonica+J. Lynch+Russom+Mountains

Posted by Jakub

John LaMonica put together an album that mixes and mashes together some of my favorite styles of music from early 2000s, it was best described by Boomkat in the UK as “Squarepusher being given free reign to bugger around with a Radiohead record“, download Heartling for FREE here.

The new Julian Lynch record is something i’m still digesting, one song that grabbed right away was Clay Horses, the guitars are soo full and warm like honey shining in the sun and tuned just the way i’d love to hear a clear played.

I love Delia Gonzalez and Gavin Russom, i’m committed to hearing everything they produce. Recently Gavin remixed former Games duo Ford & Lopatin and came out with a morphed early 90’s pulsing soundtrack to machines working with their lights blinking.

I’m not going to complain on how many Mountain bands there are, that would be stupid :). This one is for all the Steve Reich fans, I love this track **lowers himself into a volcano waving slowly in a knight suit pointing his sword into the sky**.

Cover Art by: Jakub Alexander

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