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As promised here are the results for yesterday’s contest:
Mux Mool – “Skulltaste” CD Winners:
Chad, Erika, Spencer (I have emailed you guys)
Thanks to everyone that played! i’ll line up another free giveaway very soon, hopefully its something we will do frequently on ISO50.

Black Moth Super Rainbow I think is one of those bands that fits perfectly on the blog, they have their melodies down, always impressive synth work and dynamic range on the noise and crazy sequencing. With the addition of the vocals from the Air song, this should be a must have for the veteran and newbie listeners.

I’ve been meaning to post a Millionyoung song, he reminds me of Washed Out but a version that you might hear going out instead of home listening. The digital synth work is laid on heavy but his voice evens it out nicely.

France’s Kavinsky is probably one of the only Ed Banger artists I still listen to besides older Mr. Oizo. I can’t get away from his sound, he doesn’t always go overboard and I love the 80’s night cop chase feel and strong artist branding behind the project.

These New Puritans song is too short, even though it rides a thin line of something i’d probably never listen to(I think its the piano part and voice combo) but the horn and vibraphone playing totally redeems it!

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Chris says:

March 17, 2010 at 9:50 pm

Absolutely love BMSR. Dandelion gum is a spectacular album. And sing sang sung is one of the best air songs in the past 5 years.

And while I’m taking the effort to comment, have you guys listened to BT? I have not seen him featured on this blog, but with a name so impossible to search, I wouldn’t doubt it if I just missed it.
Anyway, the album “These Hopeful Machines” is a masterpiece in electronic music. I highly recommend it if you haven’t heard it.