A free gift from Benoît Pioulard

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Dick Bruinsma

Dick Bruinsma

With the rush to catch up after the holidays make some time for this slow motion beauty Benoît Pioulard is giving away, your mind will thank you and you if you have time, thank him.

Recorded at La Berceuse (Seattle, WA) on 31 December 2015
with guitar and tape
Photograph taken in Haslett, MI on 7 December 2015

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The Most Refreshing Musicians of 2015

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Lists this year are all over the place, a lot of main stream rap, a ton of half baked selections, really good techno and a happy surprise to see a lot less of the soft boy beat stuff that clogged up the festivals, which makes me overwhelmingly happy. Here’s a few musicians that most of you know but made my year very enjoyable because of a DJ set, live set or a very well done short documentary about them, enjoy!


10 Hodge


9 D.K. aka 45 ACP
Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 12.28.36 PM


8 Falls


7 Shura


6 Legowelt


5 Joey Anderson

4 Nina Kraviz


3 Bambounou




1 Palmbomen

Baio remixes Tycho

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Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 2.59.21 PM

Excited to announce Awake Remixes! The album will be out digitally January 15th and on vinyl May 20th. It’s the first vinyl release since 2014. Preorder the blue colored vinyl now in the ISO50 shop

Tycho Awake Remixes

A1. Awake (Com Truise Remix)
A2. Montana (Christopher Willits Remix)
A3. L (Dusty Brown Remix)
A4. Dye (Nitemoves Remix)

B1. See (Beacon Remix)
B2. Apogee (RJD2 Remix)
B3. Spectre (Bibio Remix)
B4. Plains (Baio Remix)
B5. Montana (Few Nolder Remix)

David Burdeny: Salt








Salt is an ongoing new project from David Burdeny, a Canadian photographer hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Reminds me a lot of Edward Burtynsky’s Australian Mine project (link). Aerial photography exploring human environmental impacts is disturbing, yet never ceases to awe and amaze me.

More of Burdney’s work can be seen on his website, as well as in person at various gallies around the world (see ‘representatives’ page).

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Bibio Shares A Sketch

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Its always perfect to have a musician share his or her ideas while albums come out or they’ve been MIA, there’s this honesty that lingers in the detail and melodies that makes you wonder if the LPs are a bit too built up or too much to express a clear idea compared to a song that isn’t tied to anything.

Improvised drone piece. Hohner D6 Clavinet, 80s delay/looper.

Hatchback Wasted Brain Mix

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Probably like the 5th mix on the blog from Hatchback and the great guys at Dream Chimney, which doesn’t feel wrong in any way. I thought this mix was actually already up for some reason but I couldn’t find it. Dive into it, info below and close your eyes and imagine the cold weather is just air conditioning in your ocean view loft on Honolulu in 1991.

Mix of the Week #76 is a mix of unreleased Hatchback tracks in honor of the first ever limited vinyl release of Hatchback’s 2008 debut album ‘Colors of the Sun’ on Be With Records. A blissed-out 80-minute opus, its assured kaleidoscopic sound can only be described as ‘Cosmic-Krautrock-Disco.’

Double LP available now:…2lp-bewith009lp/

Wasted Brain: Hatchback Sessions 1999-2009

It’s something of a personal milestone to welcome Colors of the Sun to vinyl, so to celebrate the occasion, I dug into the archive to make a mix of unreleased material from the years leading up to and slightly beyond my first album. It means a lot to me that the Dream Chimney is hosting this mix, because the only place these tracks really ever existed outside of my iPod was on Track of the Day. It was really The Dream Chimney community, particularly Ryan Chimney and Clunkified (hugest thanks Sentrall), that kicked my jams off of the internet and onto a record. Also it wouldn’t been possible without the creative support of so many other Chimneys, especially Sorcerer, Elf, Carousel, Electronimo, and Home Chime. You guys are all kind buddies forever. Putting this together brought back a lot of sweet memories of my days in the Bay Area, in particular that sun-baked apartment in the trees above Lake Merritt. These tracks have likely remained unreleased for good reason, but I hope its worth a listen for old times sake.


clear my sky – 2002
the fox – 2005
white tigers – 2008
i call her molecule – 2000
plums – 1999
doppelgänger – 2004
player piano – 2004
sunstroke 76 – 2001
pelican flamingo – 2007
theme from weldon vermont – 2003
7:32 a.m. – 2003
spaceship earth – 2009
MODLBOI / modern man – 2004

Body Boys: No Face

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More and more releases you’re waiting for slip right past you, this is what happened here. Body Boys debut was on repeat for a good bit, the overwhelming amount of releases that flood bandcamp and soundcloud are impossible to keep up with but luckily we have labels like Opal Tapes that keep their catalog up on Bandcamp so you can check in and catch up. What I love about Body Boys is the tone they set, confident haze is a hard thing to master, to separate yourself from the others and have people release your music is even a bigger hurdle. Excited to have this one on rotation for the winter.