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The Beat Broker: The Slowness II Mix

Posted by Jakub

Easing you into this weekend is a mix from one of my favorite producers/DJs San Francisco’s The Beat Broker.

Klaus Schönning – Cygnus (edit)
Farbror Resande Mac – Magma
Mouth – Udupu
Pharao Black Magic – Amulet (Begin Remix)
Apollo Heights – Sad Cabaret (Phil Mison mix)
Domes – Former State
Heion – Circus
Soft Rocks – Talking Jungle
Max Essa presents Jan Ken Po – Metropolitan Scene
Billy Bogus – Afro Comedy
Chautauqua – Nat’s Theme
Paresse – The Night Before You Came
Pablo – Stratus (Andrew Weatherall remix)

Also, if you’re in Miami tonight i’ll be DJing as Heathered Pearls along with Tycho’s previous tour supporters Beacon, email me if you want to get in jakub at iso50.

Clams / Instra:mental / G. Fitz / Grizzly Bear

Posted by Jakub

Probably the most beautiful of all the Clams Casino instrumentals in my opinion, once I finished listening to it I realized what his sound was because before I just thought he was an Art Of Noise jacker.

Sometimes its all about the simplicity and the middle bit like this Instra:mental remix of Mount Kimbie, not a new release but one worth going back too.

Soo impressed by this new cut from George Fitzgerald, all the right pieces to make a proper ode to Detroit and Chicago Techno.

New Grizzly Bear was a surprise, they’re channeling something here, more of a man rock feel but with great experimental expressions, thoughts?

HTML 5 Music Player on ISO50

Posted by Jakub

It’s finally here, a music player from us that you can listen to on your mobile device.

The design has been updated as well with a larger play button, larger font, and links to iTunes & Amazon if available.

**Try it out and give us some feedback.

Special thanks to Karl Peterson for making this happen.

Update: You might need to have the latest Java update installed. Also you may need to clear your browser cache after the update.

Liveries: Martini & Rossi

Posted by Rory

Building a fast car is expensive. Title sponsors pay large sums in sponsorship fees to display their brand prominently on a race car, and their brand esthetic usually dictates the color scheme applied to the rest of the vehicle. Some people lamented the arrival of decal-infested machines, but I’ve always been fascinated with how a creative paint job can make a some of these objects much more memorable.

In this first series, I’ve featured one of motorsport’s oldest title sponsors, Martini & Rossi.


Matthew Dear + Forma + Mark E + Fur

Posted by Jakub

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Matthew Dear got me my job at Ghostly International 10 years ago, I’ve walked his dog while he’s on tour and we’ve had many fun nights djing together, so you might think i’m favoring him heavily, BUT this song is revolutionary. He’s formed into this Byrne/Bowie icon live, that no one has dared to humbly fill those shoes since the 80’s, but if you meet him, It’s an honest pairing and he’s committed to his unique sound, do yourself a favor if you like this song make sure to catch it live with the band, he puts on a stunning show and i’m not just saying that…you see no link to buy the song :)

The few times I’ve posted Fur its been sun drenched lo-fi slow melodies so this single wasn’t what I was expecting but i’m definitely into it, nice to see more attempts of minimal house from fusion acts like Furs.

Mark E just released a slew of tracks on his Soundcloud, definitely worth a follow if you’re on there.

More synth journey’s from FORMA, always great to hear what they have posted, makes me go back into their catalog and let all the tracks play out.

The Canadian Architect Covers (1964-67)

Just came across this great Flickr set of The Canadian Architect covers from 1964-67, designed by Laszlo Buday.

Also, sorry for the abscence of this weeks’s Weekend Inspiration post. I’ve been helping out Tycho with the first leg of this summer tour dates, so haven’t had much time to post, but next Friday it’s back to business as usual.

Posted by Jonathan (B3PO)