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Dave DK + No Body + Innervision + H. Pearls

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By National Geographic

Dave DK name has popped up more than a few times, I believe this is the first time i’ve heard any of his reworks. If you get the nod from Future Classics then you must be doing something right.

No Body is Sean Lynch from 800Beloved, to me it sounds like he set the guitars, band business into the closet and gave a machine production and simplicity a chance, he has always had the voice

I can always rely on the label Innervisions to fill my DJ bag, always melodic and easy to dance to and probably the most cinematic tech-house catalog because of that moody/chase scene vibe they seem to sign.

I just settled back in Brooklyn and have a small setup to get back into making music, this is just some warming up to get my ear back to find that balance in distortion and melody for the Heathered Pearls project.

J Dilla 45s Box Set + Nosaj Thing

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The best $40 you can spend for a vinyl music lover early next year just went up for pre-order:

J Dilla: Donuts 7″ Box Set

This box set includes a bonus 45 with “Signs” from the long out-of-print Donuts ‘Fan Club 45′ b/w DOOM & Ghostface’s “Sniper Elite & Murder Goons” – two tracks over Donuts beats which were recorded in late 2005 prior to the original release of the album.

Box contains: Eight 7-inch singles

I’ll never forget hearing this record for the first time and what lovely way to share it, amazing work Stones Throw.

In other news, visuals keep getting pushed to their limits, the latest projection/music video from Nosaj Thing takes a simple idea and runs with it, the song features you know who from Blonde Redhead.

Nitemoves + Legowelt + Andersen + Bottin

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As we wait for another Nitemoves release from Tycho’s/Com Truise’s drummer Rory O’Connor he left us a taste of what is to come last week. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

My generations main synth wizard never stops, Legowelt still on top of his game, taking classic acid to mindful places.

Beautiful melancholy dance music coming from soft disco creator Blackbelt Andersen.

Bottin seems to get his hand on a lot of edits/dubs, seems like he has passion of keeping Italo evolving, I really love this Tosca edit he did, tasteful and on pace to keep Italo true.

Exclusive: Billow Observatory Album

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We are really proud to be sharing such a lush album with you guys this weekend from Billow Observatory. I finally was able to sit all the way thru it today and it really came together as one of the most cohesive albums of the year. The sound is submerged in Loscil like drones but every so often you feel like everything comes up for air.

Time. It all comes back to time.

The self-titled debut album from Billow Observatory — the duo comprising Danish producer Jonas Munk, aka Manual, and Auburn Lull guitarist Jason Kolb — is a record that has been nearly a decade in the making, and a record that unfolds at a stately, unhurried pace, its subtleties revealing themselves with repeated listening. Its sound reflects its creators’ diverse backgrounds — Kolb’s ambient guitar work, along with Munk’s experience in film music and the minutiae of sound engineering — as well as their patience and devotion to their craft.

The genesis of Billow Observatory came in summer 2004, when Munk was first introduced to Kolb’s work with Auburn Lull. A split EP between Manual and Auburn Lull was mooted, and although this didn’t materialize, the duo began exchanging ideas and audio files, finally meeting in person during 2007 when they played a show together in Michigan.

As time passed, their work began to coalesce into what would become Billow Observatory — as Munk says, “We never expected to be working on material for six years, but something very exciting took shape as soon as we started working together and we had to follow that idea to the end.” The process of following that idea was slow and deliberate, one that required meticulous attention to detail and nuance. The resultant album is the work of two musicians at the top of their game, pouring years of experience and expertise into the creation of a record where every sound is there for a reason.

Munk adds, “The basis for most of this material comes from guitars and effects devices but every bit has been processed and treated with software… I didn’t use a lot of different effects – the focus on my part has been on shaping each bit of sound to perfection, still maintaining the character of a guitar but turning it into something that doesn’t sound ‘played’. I think of a lot of this material as sounding as if it comes from surroundings rather than from hands touching instruments.”

The music the duo have created is immersive and somehow timeless, evoking places and ambiences as exotic as some of those that give the songs their names. “I remember we would sometimes ask each other questions about random places with interesting names that we thought the other person would know something interesting about,” Kolb explains. “I would ask Jonas about the Baltic Sea, Scandinavia, or something in that general area of the world and he would ask something similar about Michigan or the Great Lakes. I think we were influenced by the idea of creating music that told vague, semi-fictitious histories of places we knew very little about.”

In an age where we race from one instant to the next, never stopping to think about the moment we’re inhabiting, Billow Observatory is a record that rewards patience and, yes, time. “[The album] is dense with emotion and meticulously crafted,” says Munk, “while feeling light and airy when listening to the song as a whole. I have had this album for over a year and it still withstands the test of time.”

Bandcamping in the Wild : Part 2

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Looking for old and new music always becomes leads you down different paths, one of my favorite ways is just seeing how deep in Bandcamp I can get without hitting a dead end. This is probably the most raw way of searching just behind blindly clicking thru Soundcloud via their community.

I urge everyone to buy or even click thru and learn more about each artist, most of them aren’t in retail shops or even iTunes, so if you like something please support.

ADULT. + Machinedrum + Hecker + Drifter

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Nature did that!

After a decade without a vinyl release ADULT. has Resuscictation reissued beautifully which includes the true and authentic sound of raw dark electro.

Machinedrum is slipping in a release before the year is through. This single is pretty much perfect for the dance beat scene right now without trying to sound like anyone else, what makes it for me is that doesn’t rely on effecting the sound, just a solid loop that grows naturally but has the elements to keep a dancefloor moving, thats rare today.

Must be an honor to be asked to remix Philip Glass but who else better than Tim Hecker. There’s little aggression or fury, half the song feels like your just losing signal with a beautiful sound but in the most romantic way.

Gorgeous atmosphere from self released Drifter, sounds to me like a respectful ritual for a cave within a cave.

Osler home in Brazil

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This is one of the simplest modern homes i’ve seen in a while, there isn’t much to the overall outline. It breaks down to the stairs leading up to the bottom floor which looks like it reaches a layer of stones to walk up to the second level and then the outdoor pool sits nicely in the back. My favorite section of the home is the long wooden sides, growing up in the midwest which you get a harsh taste of every season; this detail would not be possible.