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Jakub Alexander curates the music selections here at the blog. He also runs his Moodgadet record label out of Brooklyn, NY and does A&R for Ghostly International Records. Links: Moodgadget Records Jakub's Tumblr

Meanderthals+Davol+ToroYMoi+Animal Co

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Photo by Michael Chase

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Meanderthals have that hint of secrecy in their sound, maybe something your unknown uncle from the plains of Montana might listen to.

I was on a mission to find New Age with some good flavor, came across Davol, had to dig deep thru a lot of whimsical crap for this one.

Toro Y Moi is back with new cuts, some real proper takes on whats happening in the UK and overall just taking a great stab at dance music.

Preview the new Animal Collective LP, visuals and all.

Devonwho + TRUST + XXYYXX + Kruisemode

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ATTN SF MUSIC FAITHFUL: Mux Mool is playing with Nosaj Thing TONIGHT at Public Works, hope to see some of you there.

I rarely lead off with something at this tempo but its Friday and Devonwho is SF based so it felt right and not only that this a easy jam to settle into, expect more from Devonwho soon on the blog.

The TRUST album(came out in Feb.) is the most underrated record of the year, its locked into my top 5 albums of the year. This remix comes as no surprise as being magnificent, the vocals fit perfectly with Robert Alfons production.

XXYYXX is 16 or maybe even 17 by now and has caught peoples ears, this track is one of his more slower edits(i’m saying edits because i’m putting my money on him not having a guitar, violins or drums in his studio). Definitely a fan, I just always think about the musician that have made a name for themselves at 16 and thinking what they think of their old music when they turn 30? it worked well for rock bands but this wave of electronic artists will be interesting.

Kruisemode was a hard choice to pick up and put on here because 1. the gun sound used as a transition is the most uncreative sound i’ve heard all year and thats a fact. 2. the name is a bit late to the game but thats not stopping me because after you throw those ideas to the side this track really enjoyable, i’d edit it and be really happy with it.

Incase Performance Space: Room 205

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Incase isn’t just the brand that you know for their backpacks, headphones, casings, and other attractive accessories, they offer some of the most interactive and cared for ways to collab with other creatives. Room 205 is on the top of my list of going above and beyond in their efforts:

Working in collaboration with visiting musicians and a revolving cast of filmmakers, set designers, audio engineers and friends, Room 205 exists to share our collective passion for art and music and showcase the people that inspire us.

I mean to take the time and rebuild a space for each musician to perform in a space that is imagined up then documenting it is a dream for any musician with a vision, for me its like telling an 8 year old that Disney World is coming to your room, be ready. Take a second and check out their site and all the musicians that have came thru, its one of the most ideal ways to experience music in my opinion.

Room 205

ISO50: Soundcloud Who To Follow Guide: #3

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I see even bigger things happening for Soundcloud in the future, mainly the community within it coming closer so I decide to start a guide of people to follow if you like what’s on ISO50. Below I started off with frequent users that make your feed more enjoyable with quality posts.

This week we start off with San Francisco locals and good friends who are one of my favorites to follow on Soundcloud, they have plenty of material and are always actively finding and sharing new artists. Moderna has a growing collection of short mixes that always are perfect for weekend nights, making her someone to see if you’re in LA. Since astrangelyisolatedplace started their label they are one of the higher quality labels in the ambient world, recently they got to share a new Markus Guentner EP with the world which is undeniably lush and perfect.



DJ: Moderna

RECORD LABEL: astrangelyisolatedplace

Dirty Beaches+Loscil+Terje+ Avey Tare

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Its never intentional to match the music with the image above but these 4 songs are pretty fitting. Dirty Beaches yesterday shared the what sounded like a soundtrack to one of those days everything is still because of the blistering heat, so you find yourself indoors in the shade of sitting among dusty wood furniture watching the dust float by the last bit of sun.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: This is just the beginning of what i’ll share of the Loscil album, maybe we can get an exclusive preview of the whole album on the blog? look for pre-orders here.

This is pretty beatless spaced out guitar version of “Snooze 4 Love” by Todd Terje, its always a fine time to put this on.

Avey Tare of Animal Collective uploaded 3 tracks new songs today possibly for an upcoming release which makes this post all together maybe the most relaxing collection of track’s i’ve ever posted.

Wild Nothing+Photek+Chrome Canyon+Lorn

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One thing i’ve found out about Wild Nothing in these past few releases is its one band that never disappoints when they share a new song. They have a confident song writing style that maybe heavily influenced but always comes out fresh in the end.

Photek’s newer DJ Kicks compilation has been on repeat maybe times at home, its pretty strong all the way thru, it features Brooklyn’s Sepalcure(which you can hear at the beginning of this song) and I think is the perfect introduction to what is coming out in the end that defines UK Beat scene generation wise.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Stones Throw touching on an exciting New Age sound? I’m glad someone had the balls, best move of the year, its not isolated it ventures off into almost psychedelia, just good instrumental music.

Mono/Poly puts Lorn on his chopping block and gives it that rework that will make everyones head nod, loving the dynamics.

Instagram Photo Favorites: 21st Edition

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djkidsl – If you’re looking for epic imagery with a good amount of manipulation then this feed is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

lukeatencio – Floating cube structures accompany most of this feeds images and I only seem to love them more and more.

trevorpowers – Not only does he make excellent music under the name Youth Lagoon but its also nice to follow this feed when Trevor hits the road.

ISO50 on Instagram.

@iso50 – Scott Hansen
@heatheredpearls – Jakub Alexander
@acornell – Alex Cornell
@beamercola – Beamer Wilkins
@cbergquist – Charles Bergquist
@B3PO – Jonathan Marsh
@navisphotography – Tim Navis
@hallwood – Seth Hallwood
@nitemoves – Rory O’Connor
@rfissmer – Rob Fissmer
@tavcalico – Tavish Calico
@antiautomation – David Auerbach

Beacon + CVLTS + Tejada + Kyson

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Tycho’s previous tour partner Beacon released a new single today on Ghostly International. The track fuses together smokey atmosphere with an enlightening pulse which will fit perfectly among this Fall/Winter roll out of albums from The XX and Holy Other.

C V L T S drown out into the noise of their new LP, echoes of grainy drone haven’t sounded this sweet in quite a long time.

On John Tejada’s new LP he has this stunning moment where everyone is allowed to rest their eyes, i’m super grateful for this sound.

Kyson is a remix champion, here’s his latest for Bon Iver, it should definitely win but I don’t know how to vote for it.