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Jakub Alexander curates the music selections here at the blog. He also runs his Moodgadet record label out of Brooklyn, NY and does A&R for Ghostly International Records. Links: Moodgadget Records Jakub's Tumblr

Instagram Photo Favorites: 18th Edition

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six37 – I was thinking this might be the last graphic focused instagram post we’ll feature, maybe not though, I really do like seeing how far six37 takes it.

sofiasternegard – There are some lovely workspace shots by sofiasternegard, nice arrangements of whats in front of her, I definitely do enjoy that as a concept for a feed.

mikeluang – With the sky as the focus, its hard to go wrong most days.

Outliers upcoming Film Premiere

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Chicago is the lucky one here, the film and photos of Tim Navis + Kim Holtermand’s trip to Iceland will premiere next month along with music performance from the artists listed below. Also this trip will be coming with a soundtrack on DVD, head to the soundcloud links to get a glimpse of the sounds and artists Deru compiled.

Film Premiere & Live A/V Event in Chicago July 10th, Lincoln Hall
Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland featuring…

Deru w/ Scenic (Live A/V)
Sweatson Klank


This past October, Chicago film collective Scenic traveled to the Icelandic countryside alongside photographers Tim Navis + Kim Holtermand and music composer Deru to create a series of improvised, collaborative short films. The resulting documentary – entitled Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland – will be released in June, along with a companion soundtrack compilation featuring thirteen contemporary classical composers and electronic music producers.

To celebrate the release, Scenic will join Deru onstage for a live, multimedia A/V performance inspired by the journey. Soundtrack contributors Shigeto (Ghostly International), Loscil (Kranky), and Sweatson Klank (Alpha Pup) will perform full sets, and the first 200 ticketholders are invited to an exclusive live screening of the film and Q&A session with the artists in advance of the show.





New Vintage Hat Culture

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Since I was a teenager i’ve wanted to do custom hats, mostly just a cap, i’ve always been fascinated by the choosing color combinations to the quality of the sewing of the patches, embroidery, and all over printing. After digging around I have to say there is an amazing culture set in place of people making high end hats beyond New Era. I hope to do a custom ISO50 one someday soon because i’m itching to do one like the beautiful Oxford one by Quiet Life, here’s a few companies that do it properly:

Quiet Life

Windsor. + D I A N A + Windsurf + Marbeya S.

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Windsor. has the appeal of what James Blake or John Talabot bring to the table but has hints of Berlin’s slower techno charm and has this catchy vocal loop I can’t stop listening to once it settles in.

Chillwave died off as a genre name maybe but it was a good thing, it got rid of the trendy bashing and now the music can live under different names or better yet hybrids of future ideas and even better than that let the music be what it was originally just slow catchy pop, D I A N A just drops one of the best summer tracks i’ve heard all year and i’m just sitting here amazed.

You want the highest quality of Yacht Rock Balearic Nu Disco that will put your dad’s Alan Parson’s LPs to shame? then watch out for and collect all the Windsurf releases.

With a heavier dose of Arp, here’s something to drop in the laps of Drive Soundtrack fans that will stomp that soundtracks head in, pure delight from Marbeya Sound.

Koreless + Sorcerer + Jamie XX + Poolside

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“Start your engines and drive thru the 8 bit dirt in Excitebike” thats what the intro sounds like to me in this older single from Koreless and then the looped vocal comes in and adds that human connection and becomes a sugary fun track that bubbles and like a UK hip version of Pogo.

Sorcerer! who does your guitars? you? I love them, download this one here.

I missed this Jamie Xx track, what an intro, who would have thought that we would listen to this much steel drums in 2008 and on from Ratatat, The Knife and now this.

Here’s the semi pop effort of getting slow disco in front of a larger audience, sadly I think it might be a tad bit too slow, also vox could sit a little better in the mix, I love Poolside, I only want to see them do well.

Mushrooms Proj.+Om Unit+Wild Nothing+2:54

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As I keep my eye on 2 screens, 1 being the UEFA Euro 2012 game and the other on scavenging soundcloud, I keep the soccer sounds off and let these cuts from to ride over and over. My roommate probably hates me being I like to listen to songs over and over that i’m going to post here.

This Mushrooms Project is close to Balearic perfection, almost a 12 minute piece of melting sky over your Blade Runner themed yacht party that only serves tall glasses of Arnold Palmers on a sweat soaked dancefloor thats been occupied to capacity for over 14 hrs now, daybreaks and you don’t even blink twice about the thought that you haven’t had an urge to rest your head.

Park your floating darkstar back onto the moon and connect with this crawling heavy hitter from Om Unit, a fusion of disco, techno and UK’s ever evolving beat scene, this cut just keeps going and fades off like an eclipse on the horizon.

A defining good song in this sea of indie rock that denies The Smiths as a big influence because its just not hip to name drop them anymore. I can’t ever hate Twee, it just has too much honest emotion in it, cuts deeper than any pop song ever could and makes any moment feel more important then it is 10 fold. On a side note, I love this song.

I don’t understand why this record is on Slumberland, it should put a flame under some asses of the whole girl vocal roster on there. These girls are good, I just hope they don’t go the whole NYLON meets Best Coast marketing route with a goth twist, that horse has been beaten, dragged, cut open, photographed and posted all over tumblr and retumbled more times than the word “like” is said at an employee meeting at Urban Outfitters.

Holy Other + Daso + 6th Borough + Zomby

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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: I’ve been waiting for a glimpse of the debut Holy Other LP, it has this perfect shuffling and sway to it, really easy to get lost in it in a quick amount of time.

An oldie from Daso, let the melody come in, reminds me of the good old days when Tech House was about beauty.

More from 6th Borough Project, this was just released on a 3xLP, the compilation is full of solid edit, each and every single one is perfect. This is how great disco vocals are done, don’t overdue it, no gospel or overpowering divas, let it sit with the rest of the song.

Probably the rowdiest song i’ve ever posted on ISO50, feels classic though, just popped on shuffle and put a smile on my face.