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Jakub Alexander curates the music selections here at the blog. He also runs his Moodgadet record label out of Brooklyn, NY and does A&R for Ghostly International Records. Links: Moodgadget Records Jakub's Tumblr

Sabrina Ratte: Plink Flojd

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Fascinating new video work by one of my favorite video artists Sabrina Ratté, this is from an ongoing project called Plink Flojd which is a super audio/visual collective started by David Quiles Guillo. When I saw Sabrina do visuals for Le Révélateur it was incredible how the visual identity was perfect for the music, soo many “VJ’s” get it wrong or end up trailing off and making no sense with the music and this was one of best accompaniments i’ve ever seen.

Sabrina Ratté lives and works in Montreal. Her video work mixes digital and analog techniques and often deals with the diverse manifestations of light. She is also interested by the relationship between electronic music and the electronic image, and she often collaborates with musicians in different contexts. She has an ongoing collaboration with composer Roger Tellier-Craig, with whom she also performs live video projections. Her work has been shown in different galeries and festivals internationally, and her recent videos with Le Révélateur have been released on DVD by the San Francisco Label Root Strata.

And here’s a video from last year for Boxcutter’s track TV Troubles.

Instagram Photo Favorites: 12th Edition

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videotap3B3PO turned me onto videotap3, what a fantastic feed of foggy woods and natural mirrors.

otije – What I enjoy about otije is that his/her’s minimal approach never feels empty

bunnymama – Okay i’m going to put out a personal favorite, if you know me in real life you know I love rabbits, there’s plenty of cat and dog focused instagrams but this bunny one makes me soo happy, I mean look at that damn thing and if you don’t like it then Happy Easter.

Teen Daze+Au Palais+Forma+Lotus Plaza

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One of the nicest/friendliest musicians i’ve ever met in my life has to be Teen Daze, his happiness just rubs off on you, you could be at a trendy bar just acting cool ya know maybe leaning against a wall in a dark corner trying to watch a band play and you end up talking to Teen Daze and 5 minutes later you’re skipping along like a Gummi Bear to the bar getting yourself a Dr. Pepper. The music is great and all and you know that but I just wanted you to know if you ever see the guy he’ll be soo kind to you.

I’ve probably looped this song by Au Palais 20+ times in the past 72 hours, it was suggested to me by Rami who co-runs Pop Gun Booking(they book the Glassland shows in Brooklyn). This song in particular stays with me, its rides that catchy end of when M83 writes something slower and foggy while also channeling a more melodic Zola Jesus.

Sometimes I don’t want the Forma song i’m listening to to end so i’ve found a solution, download and listen to this 24+ minute live radio session, its completely satisfied that craving.

I’m a fan of Deerhunter and an even bigger fan of Atlas Sound so automatically i’ll listen to their bandmate Lotus Plaza(again). What i’m realizing after listening to the new album is that these guys are the best bet for a noisy rock band to get in the pop world. I mean ambient aware/wall of sound controlling noise which I think might be the most beautiful sound and thinking about it actually getting to a mom’s sirius radio and her liking it bends my mind but not too much, but if anyone is going to do it it’s going to be these guys.

Tycho: Dive Single Vinyl w/ Remixes

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The vinyl and digital of Tycho’s “Dive” single w/ remixes from Memoryhouse and Keep Shelly In Athens are out and available on the shop. Below are some details, i’d grab the clear opaque vinyl which is very limited and won’t be repressed.

Vinyl Details
The clear opaque vinyl is limited to 300 pressings, exclusively available through The Ghostly Store & ISO50.
The standard vinyl is limited to 700 pressings worldwide.
Each standard weight vinyl version features a 2-panel, 3mm spine, stock art jacket with a matte finish inserted in paper dust sleeves.


1 Dive
2 Dive (Memoryhouse Remix)
3 Dive (Keep Shelly In Athens Remix)

The title track on Tycho’s long-awaited Dive LP is just that—a ripple effect record that sounds like three songs in one, as if sound/graphic designer Scott Hansen just discovered prog-rock and decided to apply its winding passages to his own singular blend of sinewy synths and bleached beats. It’s also the first Tycho song to feature a prominent guest musician; guitarist Zac Brown, in this case, who paints outside the lines of Hansen’s halcyon hooks with restless rhythms and monorail-like riffs.

The “Dive” single fleshes things out even further, as Keep Shelly in Athens and Memoryhouse—both rising underground artists in their own right—cut Hansen’s cloud-scraping composition in half and slow his cruise control chords down to a crawl. The misty vocal melodies are still there, but they’re now floating through an embryonic assembly of jittery cicadas, rusty gears, and lean loops that are both welcoming and a bit woozy. The sonic equivalent of staring at the sun for too long, really, or two sides of the same cracked mirror.

John Maus+Cinnamon Chasers+Jai Paul+Rho

Posted by Jakub

Photograph by _anna_ via Behance

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John Maus is a religion, you believe in it wholeheartedly or not at all. I think its the most honest pop out there thats pushing true boundaries.

I found this Cinnamon Chasers song on the ISO50 Blog room a few days ago, had the whole room full of animated characters dancing. A very simple song but bursting with drive and melody, I think i’ll keep this on my ipod if I ever need a pick me up.

This Jai Paul track has been everywhere, right away I love the whats happening with the fusion of high quality low end marrying a simple guitar line, its hard to make that sound right. Still not sold on Lenny Kravitz at times style vocals but the rest of the song overall makes up for it immensely.

Watching the end of the Silver & Light post that Charles did earlier had searching for the closing credit song, really wrapped the end up tightly without taking over. You can find the song on Vimeo’s new Music Store which i’m looking into and posting on later this week.

Ray Kappe’s Multilevel Perfection

Posted by Jakub

Los Angeles architect Ray Kappe built a multilevel house for his family back in 1967, and the results still resonate today.

A lot of the houses I see around on the web that grab my eye always make me feel that “why not me? why can’t I have that?” feeling, this one did that 10 fold. It has that sunken in living room floor and the multilevel opening thru the center of the house. There’s this corner of the house that is glass that you need to see for yourself in the article that just made me soo pissed that I didn’t win the Mega Millions last week.

Full article via Dwell

John Talabot + Slava + 2562 + Tom Croose

Posted by Jakub

Artwork by Peter Alexander

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So impressed by this John Talabot track, it could fit in a slow disco mix or the newest UK beat set, perfect cross over, I wish Hercules And Love Affair came back with a whole album that sounded like this.

What I love about the Software Label is that it releases music mainly made up of sounds that were used more in the 80s-90s, there’s loads of nostalgia oozing in their sound from synths you might have heard in commercials from your childhood to faint memories of tv shows that never popped up again but stuck in your head to this day. This Slava track is just that for me, those electronic chorus pads and the key changes do it for me.

2562 keeps this listening session less complex beat wise and more like the repetitive sounds of a locomotive struggling to untangle itself from years of sitting in a dark jungle covered in vines.

Our old friend Tom Croose has been working on music nonstop, recently was featured on Pitchfork with his edit of Sandro Perri. His style has become this thoughtful vintage south american comfort meets delicate melody yet never too fragile to play for a dance floor early in the night.