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Posted by Jakub

We couldn’t be more proud to announce the stream of a collection of tracks from the many of the regulars on Percussion Lab over the past 10 years. They’re asking for a suggested $5 for 15 tracks which will go towards bandwidth fees for the radio station and Hurricane Sandy Relief.

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1. Shigeto – Friends and Lovers 05:16
2. Machinedrum – Demvibez 05:15
3. XI – Villain 05:31
4. Mux Mool – Sympathy 03:54
5. Daedelus – RandD 04:09
6. Calmer – Spirograph 05:11
7. Archie Pelago – Brewer’s Reflection 04:34
8. Ezekiel Honig – Plastic Rumblings 03:41
9. Handshake – Lao 04:02
10. RJ Valeo – You’re the One 03:47
11. Sepalcure – All You’ve Got To Lose 03:45
12. Contakt – Drift 06:17
13. Enoe – The Craze 06:09
14. Lando Kal – Cube 06:38
15. Braille – Rise 05:31

For over 10 years, Percussion Lab has sought out and supported electronic musicians in the greater New York area. Since 2005, we have produced countless live events featuring bedroom and novice producers, close friends, and rising luminaries of the electronic music world. In 2009, we relaunched as a non-profit hosting service for dj mixes – any dj, anywhere in the world, can host a mix for free.

In that span of time, we have never posted an ad on the site. We have taken sponsorship donations in the form of, most often, beer, but never cash. We have used the proceeds from our events to effect site updates and a minmum of regular maintenance.

Over the years, the bedroom producers and shy novices we championed in years past have become some of the most influential names in the world of electronic music. We’re offering this compilation of exclusive tracks as a way of continuing our mission to provide a home for producers and dj’s to host their original music and mixes free of charge, and to be able to continue supporting our local community by bookingg the most forward thinking artists possible for our events. We hope you can help us keep doing all of this, for free, by buying some this complication full of amazing music by some our closest, oldest, and most talented friends.

If you use the site regularly, feel free to pay more. Proceeds will go to hosting and bandwidth fees as well as hurricane sandy relief.

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Regan Branch says:

December 10, 2012 at 10:18 am

gahh, i bet this is gonna be fantastic, can’t wait to get home and listen :)

P.S. RLY WANNA GO TO UR SHOW, but i live in Florida :/
hopefully i’ll live in NY soon.