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Posted by Jakub

Portishead remixing Ride? if you’re 30 or older you’re probably rushing to press the play button or cursing the computer of why there isn’t a link to the vinyl.

Now this has to be the best Holy Other song i’ve heard, I thought the best was already made, surprisingly diverse by splitting the song into 2 portion, it could almost be 2 song, I personally love the denser first half. I have to give him credit he is taking ownership this vocal style.

New one from The Field via the great guys at Adult Swim Singles Series, this one is a bit different it breaks down into a more direct kick in the second part thats a bit more it your face, really impressed as always with what he chooses to loop.

Here’s a new one from me, I wanted a lot of audio decay like a microphone in a pouch giving it this illusion of a hidden sparkle beneath erosion, as always the motions of the melody are highly influenced by shoreline views and their movements.

Group B: Peugeot 205 Turbo 16

Posted by Rory

Homologated under the legendary and ill-fated Group B classification, Peugeot [allegedly] produced 200 neutered road-going versions of this MR layout hyper-hatchback. Featuring a turbocharged 1.7 litre inline 4-cyl engine with 4 valves per cylinder, 4 driven wheels, and a dynamic epicyclic drivetrain, this sophisticated vehicle ran away with the 1985 & 1986 FIA WRC drivers & constructors championship.

It was the last car to truly dominate in Group B before the class’s demise in the 1987 season. Its distinctive lines and vivid liveries were an instant classic, with my personal preference leaning towards the huge spoiler & bold Camel sponsored Paris-Dakar/Rally Raid motif.

The takeaway video above documents the Talbot team’s championship winning 1985 season [albiet in French]. Their team principal, Jean Todt, went on to direct Ferrari’s Formula 1 team and now oversees the FIA.

Geometric Design

Its hard not to notice the growing popularity of geometric shapes in design these days. A quick search on Behance and you really cant deny it. My laundry detergent even has a pattern of colored triangles on it (which is probably why I bought it). So at the risk of flooding the design community a little more, I have to share an iPad app I stumbled on the other day. Its called Poly.

Some before and after examples of what the app can do above.

All images by Seth Hardie
Instagram: @hallwood
Poly app Here

Eric Valli

Posted by Navis

Jonathan (B3PO) turned me onto Eric Valli’s work a few weeks ago and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. One thing I want to do more of in life is experience situations like Valli has. You get a strong feeling that he deeply immerses himself into whatever culture he’s living in at the time. His award winning work on the Honey Hunters for National Geographic is insane. Climbing cliffs on who knows what kind of rope system with who knows how many bees flying around? Nuts. But the shots he brings home are flat out jaw dropping. They inspire me to want to buy a plane ticket to Tajikistan and find some sort of photo essay to do out there.

Check out the rest of Eric Valli’s work on his website. Hopefully it’ll inspire you to go out and travel somewhere awesome.

Eric Valli

Remixes upon Remixes for you & The Xx

Posted by Jakub

Like some sort of grainy breeze Howlings take over a Sun Glitters cut and run it thru their tender machines and piece together a dreamy remake of the song “Outside”.

Its been a minute since i’ve found any Keep Shelly In Athens, and to no surprise its with Chad Valley’s band Jonquil, seems like a perfect match up.

The problem with not living in Brooklyn is that you don’t get to graze shoulders with bands like Innergaze weekly and hear them play, it meant the world to me now that I realized it.

Another match up thats very similar is DFA’s Still Going and Coyote, both acts understand that spacey early Detroit House soo well that i’m sure when they get either of each others parts for the remixing they smile and find some sort of relations.

The Xx – “Angels”

Weekend Inspiration: Mr. Div

Posted by Jon M

Mr. Div is Tumblr I find myself (and apparently 30,000 other followers) visiting quite often, due to the amazing world of Animated GIF’s and Motion Graphics that inhabit within, designed by Matthew DiVito.

I intend to one day hire this man for my show visuals. Above are a few of my personal favorites.

Tycho Live in NYC This Saturday

Posted by Scott

I’ve been on the road for the Tycho Summer Tour for the past few weeks and it’s been a great trip. Met a lot of great people and played for some incredible audiences. We’ve finally reached the East Coast (Portland, ME show tonight!) and we’ll end up in NYC for the Webster Hall show this Saturday, July 14th. I’ve never been to Webster Hall but I’ve heard great things so really excited for this one. If you caught the last couple shows at Music Hall of Williamsburg I’ve got some new stuff lined up for this one. New visuals, new lighting, and a new song. Can’t wait to bring it all to Webster; from the pictures I saw it looks like a great space.

Tomorrow we’ll also be playing a late-night (2:45-4am) set at Camp Bisco; really looking forward to that one.

Some tickets to the Webster Hall show are still available, get yours here.

ISO50: Soundcloud Who To Follow Guide #1

Posted by Jakub

I see even bigger things happening for Soundcloud in the future, mainly the community within it coming closer so I decide to start a guide of people to follow if you like what’s on ISO50. Below I started off with frequent users that make your feed more enjoyable with quality posts. Self Titled Mag always has daily good posts from all different genres. Cascine usually posts a preview of full albums which makes you feel like you have some sort of super fan access. The Revenge just has goodies upon goodies of tracks, mixes, and recently live sets.