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Beyond The Black Rainbow

Posted by Scott

This promises to be the most visually stunning film of our generation. Panos Cosmatos‘ new film, Beyond The Black Rainbow, feels like the best possible conglomeration of 2001, Electroma, and A Clockwork Orange. Can’t remember being this excited about a movie in a long time, hopefully it will make up for the huge letdown that was Tron.

Posted this from the Airport in San Francisco en route to Amsterdam or start of Tycho European Tour; would have been nice to have this to watch on the plane…

Via Edward Knight

Shigeto+CFCF+Sean Byrd+Grain Mountain

Posted by Jakub

Shigeto comes back with a mini LP that touches on the more organic instruments that he feels natural working with. There’s beautiful Rhodes work along with flutters of good feelings with a pouncing beat, a must have.

CFCF floored me with this one, there is not enough music with grand piano and synth arpeggios dueling for your attention to the point they both end up molding together and completely pleasing your ears.

I’ve been a big fan of Sean Byrd for years, I still have his demo from 10 years ago somewhere stored away, his new work drew me in like never before, this is IDM at its best state when hazy emotional tones meet puttering heavy kicks, really beautiful.

Came across Grain Mountain on soundcloud randomly, felt like a nice release after digging thru over 100 tracks of nothing from all over the place. It definitely will appeal to the Balam Acab lovers.

Convair LEM Proposal

Posted by Scott

Model of the 1962 Republic Apollo LEM proposal. Loving the type on this. The bottom two images are concepts by competing manufacturers.

On July 25, 1962, NASA invited 11 firms to submit proposals for the LEM. Of the 11 invited, 9 submitted proposals. The firms that submitted proposals were Lockheed, Boeing, Northrop, Ling-Temco-Vought, Grumman, Douglas, General Dynamics, Republic, and Martin Marietta. Grumman was the winner. This model is owned by the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Long Island NY.

Via Pcarsola