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Collecting Music Videos

Posted by Jakub

I’ve been finding myself watching more fan made videos than the actual official videos I guess because I love all the found footage. Don’t get me wrong there are some quality directed videos out there but I just seemed to love both equally as much right now. Back in 2008 I shared my Top 5 favorite videos, the ones below i’ve recently enjoyed.

Stellar Om Source

Active Child


Small Sails

The Avalanches

The TRON Suite

At first I wasn’t a TRON fan, but it has definitely grown on me. After seeing this TRON Suite at the world-famous Swedish Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, I might have to watch the movie. The designers of this suite, Ben Rousseau and Ian Douglas-Jones, utilizing ultra-low energy lights that appear to be frozen in or behind the ice—brilliant!

The whole thing reminds me of a nightclub. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised to see a night club made of ice pop up next door to the hotel sometime soon. What are your thoughts on this—would you stay here?

Via Flavorwire

NPR features A Ghostly Essentials Comp

Posted by Jakub

NPR featured We’ll Never Stop Living This Way: A Ghostly Primer, you can listen to all these songs before the release on their site in 3 parts, it includes plenty of exclusives and some of the hit singles by the main crew of artists that have released on the label.

Tracklisting below:
1 GOLD PANDA – Peaky Caps
2 SHIGETO – Eternal Life
3 OUTPUTMESSAGE – Bernard’s Song
4 MATTHEW DEAR – Fleece On Brain
5 DABRYE – Jorgy (feat. Waajeed)
6 MOBIUS BAND – Multiply
7 TYCHO – Coastal Brake
8 DANIEL WANG – Berlin Sunrise (Diskjokke Version) [Unreleased]
9 SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS – Half Asleep (Lusine Remix)
10 AEROC – My Love, The Wave Break
11 LAWRENCE – Five Leaves
13 TADD MULLINIX – Exchanging Modes
14 THE SIGHT BELOW – No Place For Us
15 LOSCIL – Union Dusk
16 BENOIT PIOULARD – Little A Strongly More Go I
17 PALE SKETCHER – Dummy (Bahnhoff Version)
18 CEPIA – Tape
20 OSBORNE – Outta Sight (Luke Vibert Remix)
21 LUSINE – Double Vision
22 SOLVENT – Loss For Words (Solvent’s CompuRhythm Mix)
23 JDSY – Horizon Line
24 DEASTRO – Tone Adventure #3
25 MICHNA – Redline Flights
26 THE REFLECTING SKIN – Traffickers
27 MUX MOOL – Crackers
28 KILN – Flycatcher
29 KATE SIMKO – The Creative Part
30 COM TRUISE – Cyanide Sisters [Unreleased]


Posted by Jakub

Excuse this dark tone period i’ve been highly enjoying, it definitely has something to do with the winter and also wanting to listening to more than just drone, diggin deep for colorful and moody material. One of the less ambient pieces on this new A Setting Sun EP is this remix by Dial81, if you like it download it for free.

I fully support anything by Rafael Anton Irisarri but this one is an absolute gem, he needs to be scoring film on the highest level, he can grab sounds and articulate an emotion so well.

I don’t usually stream music like Swans on ISO50 but I can’t hold back on this one, too much passion behind their own sound, I can only share and sit back and be blown away.

The Soft Moon video for “Circles” premiered today, check it out:

VOID V02 Watch

Posted by Scott

This is the David Ericsson designed VOID V02 watch. I’ve seen a lot of watches in this retro/modern vein (most notably by Diesel and Nixon) but I’ve never really seen anyone nail it to the point where I think I’d actually wear the thing. It’s usually just a sort of passing fascination with the object, I don’t see it as something I would want on me. But I’m pretty sure I would rock this one until the band fell off (still nursing a decade old Diesel — from when they hadn’t yet plunged into the abyss of Fossil-like robotechery (btw, Fossil makes Diesel watches) — probably time for an upgrade). This thing is clean all around and while the gold is a bit much for me, the color combo is really nice to look at. At £125 it won’t completely annihilate your bank account, like say, this.

Void Watches via Dezeen

Rainer Trueby + White Sea + UNKLE + J Dilla

Posted by Jakub

Man, we haven’t had a good 70’s interior architecture photo in a while, had to let this one fly. Any info on the place or chair?

I was actually saving this song by Rainer Trueby as a secret weapon for a mix but it just needs to be out there, pure heat, one of the best deep house tracks I know about.

White Sea is the girl from M83, great producer that Benjamin Curtis turned me onto. I love the epic release of the backing vox(the ho’s and hums) they go off like bells.

One of the best video game commercial licensings of a song has to be this UNKLE usage for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, i’m not really into the song a ton but in the tv commercial its used almost as good as the Gears of War 2 usage of Devotchka. I know not a usual pick.

Some J Dilla for you.