Espacios Publicitarios

Posted by Scott

184678510_bc5e5e5991_o I’m always amazed by the number of pharmacies in Spain (they’re everywhere) and also by the package design of the products in the pharmacies.  They aren’t quite as good as these examples anymore, but still a whole lot better than we have in the states. 

These images, from ex.novo’s "Espacios Publicitarios" Flickr set featuring 60’s and 70’s Spanish ads, were sent my way via Andrew Standfield. I absolutely love the illustrations. Would love to do a redesign or incorporate then into a poster.

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aluk says:

February 23, 2008 at 12:18 pm

Pharmacies are a public service, hence there’s a regulation about the amount of them per certain number of population. Moreover, they’re subsidizes, and free for old people, so, as a consequiency, overconsumed.
Kisses from Madrid.