Baffo Banfi – Sound of Southern Sunsets

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Fantastic album from Italian-based Baffo Banfi. Seems to be a mix of his previous albums “Ma, Dolce Vita” (1979) and “Hearth” (1981) mashed together for CD; but if anybody has better info than that, please comment!

Right at the time where Krautrock was morphing into the New Age sound, these albums straddle the fence very nicely. Very reminiscent of Manuel Göttsching at the time.

Released under Klaus Schulz’s new label at the time (Innovative Communication) – you can definitely hear his hand in it.

Baffo Banfi – Quelle Dolce Estate


Baffo Banfi – Dancing on the Ship


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Ola says:

August 28, 2009 at 1:22 am

Love it! Where can i get me some more Baffo Banfi? Tried iTunes, Spotify and eMusic to no avail.