New Features + Upgrade

Posted by Scott

We’ve been doing some tweaking here and there and adding some new features over the past month so I thought I’d list them all out in case you missed any.

Featured Posts:
Selected posts are now listed in the center column of the site. There’s also an archive of all past featured posts.

Playlist Archive
As I mentioned last week, all of the playlists are now archived here. Soon there will also be a drop-down below the player containing all the lists for easier access.

Subscribe to Comments
There is now a “Notify me of followup comments” check box in the comment form. By checking this you will be informed via email if anyone replies to your comment (that is of course if you entered an email when commenting). The functionality on this one is still a bit experimental so let me know if you have any issues.

Share Links
Added share links for Facebook and Twitter as well as a “Share This” link which includes all the social network links. They’re all located at the bottom of each post.

Server Upgrade:
As you may have noticed lately, the site has been having some intermittent technical difficulties. The guys over at Mediatemple have been a big help in working on the problem and apparently something in my WordPress install has become corrupted. They’ll be moving me over to a new dedicated server and I’ll be starting fresh with a new WordPress install. Hopefully this goes smoothly but as with any big technical move there are sure to be a few hiccups; I appreciate your patience if something does go awry.

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blackabee says:

August 27, 2009 at 10:03 pm

@Bas epic indeed.

@scott you’ll have to keep us posted on what you think of (mt) dedicated server. Which one did you get by the way? I’m guessing just the dedicated-virtual? How does it compare the the grid-service? I’ve always been tempted to try, just due to the fact that (gs) sort of sucks for wordpress installs.