Sorcerer+Toto+The Antlers+Air

Posted by Jakub

You’ve heard Sorcerer on the blog before when he was one half of Windsurf multiple times and now with an LP under his belt like his partner Hatchback its a full on assault of laid back tracks coming out of the California. When these guys do disco I picture them doing it in the least stressful way by having their own hide out close to the beach where they grill and play synths until the breeze slows down and all the sails on the horizon head home.

What better way to keep the feeling going from that Sorcerer track by following it with Toto – Africa.

Prepare for a bit of downer with The Antlers LP, the tempo kinda of bums you out without even listening to the sad bastard lyrics BUT musically this Shiva song has some magic to it that keeps your chin up.

Air has been ruined for me by TV commercials, small plate restaurants playlists, loungey martini bars etc and I probably wouldn’t of done up their career differently if I were them. I usually check out everything they put out even though i’ll probably never put it on again, all I do is give it a listen and just go straight to Les professionnels and listen to the horns and smile, its almost like visiting grave in a weird and creepy way because the feelings I had for old Air were amazing at the time I liked them and now all I have memories of the times I heard the music for the first time.

Sorcerer – Distort Yourself


Toto – Africa


The Antlers – Shiva


Air – Do The Joy


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Brian says:

August 5, 2009 at 7:30 am

Must be a LA thing, all of the places playing Air. You never hear it anywhere around here in the Midwest. I still love them, and am like you: I always go straight to Les Professionnels.


Tim says:

August 5, 2009 at 1:07 pm

Wow, that Sorcerer track is mindblowing. I’m not typically into this kind of music but if the rest of his catalog is this good, that might change.


Martin says:

August 6, 2009 at 11:46 am

I have to disagree with Petr here, both the Sorcerer albums are packed perfect upbeat chill music for work and entertainment. Love it. Great find Jakub! I will check out Meanderthals tho. :)