The Grammar of Ornament

Posted by Scott

_229, 2/2/05, 10:47 AM, 16C, 3058x4190 (587+345), 62%, Default Settin,  1/40 s, R74.2, G58.2, B73.3
A nice plate from Owen Jone’s 1856 "The Grammar of Ornament".  I really like this original version best; I have the new version which is not quite as vibrant.  I hear there is a "professional artist" edition on CD-ROM which is supposed to be truer to the original.
Via Eric Gjerde‘s Flickr

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mojo says:

January 17, 2008 at 1:22 am

whoa! i had to do a project in one of my design classes 3 months ago using a pattern from this book. the first thing it reminded me of was your work. the patterns look very similar to your backgrounds and layering. the pattern i chose is actually on this chinese ornament page! by the way, A on the project, heck yes.