Space Jazz From Legowelt

Posted by Jakub


A heady weightless jam from a legend in our book.

From the new Danny Wolfers Unfolding The Future With Amateur Space Jazz album. Out now!!! On Nightwind Records NW014 Available on Cassette, CD and digital. Comes with a 24 page graphic novel. Digital version has the graphic novel in PDF format.

What is Amateur Space Jazz?!

Its exact dimensions are not yet known…
Its philosophy not yet defined…

One could call it a Lo-Fi minimal wavish version of cosmic space jazz and anything closely related to it…from spiritual soul, g-funk, ethiopian jazz to ambient and everything in between…

No knowledge of musical theory is required…played with a D.I.Y punk approach on crappy digital synthesizers – preferably with dubious renditions of real instruments. Warmed up to the right temperature with some offbeat effectsbox. Multitracking is a technique widely used…to create a “one person band with all its members oneself’s multidimensional copies in time”

Let’s enter the world of Amateur Space Jazz!!!

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Marcus says:

May 4, 2017 at 2:52 am

Hi Jakub, I read your blog. It is very interesting to know about the details of Tycho Spring tour. As you have mentioned dates, it becomes easy for people to decide which event they want to attend. Thank you for sharing the information.