ISO50 Presents: Gardens & Villa Stream

Posted by Jakub


Scott and I have been huge fans of Gardens & Villa since we heard them at a bar in Denver, CO during a Tycho tour so we’re happy be able to share their new album with you in full on ISO50. There’s always a place for a new act that will grow to the size of a band like Grizzly Bear and I think Gardens & Villa could be that band. I remember running across the Sasquatch Festival with some urgency a few years back and stopped in my tracks hearing “Star Fire Power” being played live, it felt like they should have been on the main stage with Bon Iver and Beck.

On a similar sound tip i’d say they sound like Small Black and the meat and potatoes of Youth Lagoon, maybe a sort of city born cousin of Midlake. Dunes has a drive to it but not for pop radio or just indie, they’re some sort of heartthrob that sits in between that is honest to themselves.

Dunes is out now on Secretly Canadian


Photo credit: Neil Favila

Photo credit: Neil Favila

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Dman says:

February 5, 2014 at 6:03 am

I must admit, I was less impressed with Dunes than I was with their debut, every song on the debut I found myself nodding along. Dunes I find myself nodding along but only really on Side A, and Minnesota on Side B. Didn’t meet my expectation, but still~solid sound!


Kevin'ish says:

February 10, 2014 at 8:39 am

I freakin love this album. Way more gems than most albums these days. I haven’t heard their debut album, I’ll have to check that one out… Thanks for posting!