SunKilMoon + Gardens&Villa + Onra + Bibio

Posted by Jakub

Mark Kozelek could write a song about oatmeal and i’d first in line to check it out. His new album Among The Leaves is full of gold plus plenty of live versions, if you want more I made a Sun Kil Moon / Red House Painters / Mark Kozelek playlist years ago on the blog.

Sasquatch Festival was one of the most tolerable festivals i’ve been to, you don’t feel like cattle and the security guards are super kind and keep the crowd happy by letting the energy happen. Gardens & Villa we’re the best band live, great stage presence and kept you ever wanting them to end.

Onra is slowly unveiling tracks from his upcoming sophomore album, the first taste is L.O.V.E. a track thats more upbeat than a lot of his recent tunes.

I don’t much about Chateaubriand but this edit of an oler Bibio cut is getting some love recently. I guess it just gave me a chance to post about an older great record which never hurts.

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Carme says:

August 29, 2012 at 3:43 pm

Loved the podcast bro. This is relaly cool that someone from the Grammy committee reached out to you to produce a podcast of this magnitude. They put this good hands with you, Macedonia, The Big La, and Fresh. This was truly an honor to be recognized by them. I have not but music like this in a very long time so to hear what the other side is doing sometimes a blessing. Thanx for taking the time out of your schedule to produce this dude. Be Blessed{you and yours}