SeagramMurals+Jacob 2 2+NoBody+Beltran

Posted by Jakub


Lovely saturated sounds coming from Seagram Murals, I hope to hear more from this delicate Australian.

Jacob 2-2 is back with his signature PBS funk, soo much detail, you’ll need to put it on repeat for at least an hour to be able to take in all the magic.

No Body is back at it, this time with a dose of psychedelia and beautiful grit.

A flooring ambient release coming soon from John Beltran, taking all this atmospheric UK juke into the heavens.

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Natalie says:

February 12, 2013 at 12:31 pm

Is there a way to make these all one playlist? I’m really missing the longer playlists as opposed to a song here and there. I listen at work and it’s difficult to go back and forth and hit play each time. Any suggestions?