Tycho + Jacob 2 2 + Com Truise + Apparat

Posted by Jakub

The Radio Edit of Tycho’s Dive single hit iTunes today (including the excellent Teen Daze remix of Hours) which will hopefully help Scott reach some of the non-Tycho listeners and give them something to hum along too. I personally love the longer album version, he makes all 8+ minutes count, I still haven’t had a chance to be alone with the record by the ocean which I think is where this album will flourish on a new level for me.

Jacob 2-2 has a new EP that’s almost a LP length release in this day in age. Chalked full of synth melodies that will take a few listens to hear all the details, this collection of music will touch the hearts of 80’s fantasy lovers, listen to the whole album here.

Com Truise pulled out a beautiful unreleased diamond today, its free for now on his Soundcloud, get it!

An unexpected sleeper from Apparat, gorgeous textures and delays.

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Benjamin says:

November 24, 2011 at 3:59 am

I just listened Dive with Spotify. Amazing track, one of my favorite.

We are about to create an ad for our startup, called it is a browser based tool to create motion based websites, mainly for creative people. Are we allowed to use the track Dive? It would help us a lot.

We have been big fans of your work Scott, check out our iso50 collection please:

sorry for off topic, but I didn’t know where to write.