Tom Croose + Severed + Falko + Function

Posted by Jakub

Do you all remember Tom Croose? he just posted a beautiful remix up on his Soundcloud that I must have missed.

I found this Severed Heads cut on Resident Advisors Top Mixes of 2012. Its one of those perfect synth pop unearthed gems.

I put together a certain style of tech house for my DJ sets, so i’m careful with my selection because I want their to be that synth heavy end, bright driving rhythms and not a big build because i’m more into a break that bleeds into the “drop”, its more entrancing for the crowd. In this Falko track there’s the perfect example of that plus it has that unique drive to it that pushes it forward and not soo much upward.

Atmosphere is very overused in describing music but Function does a great job here, sound like there’s air added, everything vibrates in a cold bright space, takes me back to some early Detroit mornings.

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53T says:

January 7, 2013 at 7:15 pm

click the volume bar below the Next button – mine defaulted to zero (no bar visible).

I agree w/ Ches about the Function track… very reminiscent of RDJ.


Dave says:

January 10, 2013 at 3:48 am

Hi Jakub

What’s the name of the Falko track? I think ‘Brocksieper’ is his surname rather than the track name.