Posted by Jakub

Fairmont has been on my radar since he released on Traum in the early 2000’s, back then he did softer melodic techno, now he’s a lot more lively but rides that synth pop line that has a somber a side.

Maribou State follows suit of past year trends left behind by Teen Daze and Blackbird Blackbird, still a good formula but its starting to loose its luster.

I was able to catch a portion of Kuhrye-oo set a few nights ago, he can pack in unexpected emotional punch while showing off a different take on his sounds genre.

Ride out the weekend with a 12+ minute jam from Dany Dorado.

If you’re in NY I DJ tomorrow with good friends Lauren Flax and Nick Hook while we open for Nicolas Jaar at Music Hall Of Williamsburg for Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival.

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