Boerd – Wavelength Video

A gorgeous video by kommak for boerd

Posted by: Seth Hardie
Instagram: @hallwood

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Leticia says:

December 8, 2012 at 2:05 am

Well that person was iednrcibly rude! I for one very much enjoy your instagrams and do not go trolling around the net for pictures of a lady’s chesticles. I am of a more civilized sort oooh puppy!1) Gorgeous and quite similar to the weather in Canada right now. Also in Canada, we never stop talking about the weather ( oh it’s cold, but not as cold as last winter “oh it’s nice, how long will it last? ). I spent two weeks in Australia and was blown away by how gorgeous the weather was and how no one talked about it! I actually got strange looks when I commented.2) Aaah! I love drama when I’m not envolved!3) Pretty!4) Puppy!5) Good for you! Be healthy!6) Your eggs are gorgeous! That sounds like a euphemism for something . But seriously, my eggs always look barely better than my four year old cousin; yours look like department store eggs!7) I actually looked at this and thought That castle is on FIRE O.O I feel silly.8) Do you perchance live in a postcard?9) Pretty! Again!I do enjoy these posts. Have a wonderful day (still Easter Sunday morning here)