Reverse Of Volume

Posted by Jon M

Reverse Of Volume was an installation by artist Yatsuaki Onishi commissioned by Rice Gallery, which ran from April 13 – July 27 2012. The suspended fabricated mountainscape is formed from two materials; plastic sheeting and black colored hot-glue. Onishi shaped the floating sculpture within the gallery space by first draping the expansive plastic piece over stacked cardboard boxes, then removing the piled components following the white sheet having been attached to the ceiling by the quick-drying adhesive. This creative process or method is known to Yasuaki Onishi as ‘casting the invisible’ and aids in his artistic meditation on the reality of negative space.

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Marlon says:

October 31, 2012 at 3:38 am

Just LOVE the sweet fun of this photo! Hubby & I are up to our elbows with some painitng, wallpapering and other small home improvements this weekend fun in a way. )