Prints by Ricardo Santos

Posted by Rory

“Car art” is always a contentious subject for me, there’s alot of cartoonish colored pencil stuff out there that Road & Track likes to pass off as “fine art”. If there’s one thing i’ve tried to showcase in my livery posts, it’s that the geometric body of the car itself makes for a great canvas.

Earlier last week, fellow car porn addict (although he gets paid for his addiction) Jim Lau sent me the innocuous “you’ve seen this, right?” message. Above are some examples of Ricardo Santos’ work, and I think they’re absolutely fantastic. You’ll notice some farmilar ‘faces’ from alot of the car posts I’ve done here on the blog, needless to say I’ve solved the problem of hanging up pictures of cars on my wall without looking pubescent.

These prints all come in a variety of sizes & formats, the stretched canvas is barking at me and the moths futzing outside my window will soon find a nice warm home in my wallet. You can find all of Ricardo’s works seen above over on his Society 6 page.

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Ryan says:

August 29, 2012 at 10:24 pm

These are incredible. I did some prototype illustrations some time ago – Group C, GTP, JSPC stuff – seeing these is motivation to dust them off and work on my technique. Def going to purchase a few prints. (Loving these auto threads, btw. Great curation, Rory)


Mosi |ˈmôsē | says:

September 4, 2012 at 5:05 pm

This series of graphics are insanely beautiful, I love everything about them, it’s minimal, colourful and has got a lot of movement in it. LOVE it!

Thank you all guys at ISO50 for the refreshing content, always a fan.