Wild Nothing+Photek+Chrome Canyon+Lorn

Posted by Jakub

One thing i’ve found out about Wild Nothing in these past few releases is its one band that never disappoints when they share a new song. They have a confident song writing style that maybe heavily influenced but always comes out fresh in the end.

Photek’s newer DJ Kicks compilation has been on repeat maybe times at home, its pretty strong all the way thru, it features Brooklyn’s Sepalcure(which you can hear at the beginning of this song) and I think is the perfect introduction to what is coming out in the end that defines UK Beat scene generation wise.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Stones Throw touching on an exciting New Age sound? I’m glad someone had the balls, best move of the year, its not isolated it ventures off into almost psychedelia, just good instrumental music.

Mono/Poly puts Lorn on his chopping block and gives it that rework that will make everyones head nod, loving the dynamics.

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Asir says:

August 29, 2012 at 3:26 am

It’s really not even neecssary for a step-by-step. You really just click the button, and then it does it for you using the download function on the other DS. Very simple. Almost too simple. I think I almost wiped out my configuration just messing around with it at one point.