Hauschildt + Treyer + Raime + Halo

Posted by Jakub

Many of you I know that read this blog have a great knowledge of music, most of what I share isn’t new to you so I have to dig deep and one route I like to go is solo projects off bands I love. One thing I completely overlooked this year was this Steve Hauschildt record, it was under my nose all this time, he’s a big part of the group Emeralds and runs Gneiss Things and it came out on Kranky which means i’d gotten there eventually. Either way i’ve staring off into the distance and letting this beautiful album take its course and I haven’t had such a quality full album experience in months. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Xaver Von Treyer new album is a bit all over the place genre wise, almost like a collection of songs from over the years he’s made, one song that grabbed my ear was She Is My Virgo Supercluster which i’m guessing is an ode to Cluster?

Whenever I put on Raime I know what i’ll be getting mood wise, its a very precise passion project committed to darkness and the care for it all sound wise is impeccable. It makes me question a lot of the dark pop and goth music thats out there when this music begins.

Laurel Halo has had a great year and her sound has matured into trustworthy to go for the expansion of what New Age can fuse with and mold into, really excited to hear more from her.

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