Guentner + Phil Gerus + Sam Willis + SVIIB

Posted by Jakub

Its mid week and I need that hint of ambient music that I can always rely on: Markus Guentner. First of all he’s my biggest influence for my Heathered Pearls production and beyond that he just makes some of the most attractive ambience, clear yet the setting is gloomy yet I always get this uplifting feel from the material. He isn’t about just making experiments, he composes beautiful work.

A lot of the time 4/4 tracks aren’t about being dance music, it just conforms into a ground floor for a song, giving it this heartbeat without asking you to get up. Sam Willis isn’t doing dub or house he’s just giving us a great song that grows and eventually fades and that 8 minutes was just about sharing a mood, I hope to hear more from him.

Take Phil Gerus advise, make 2:21 hooky songs, make people search for you and want more.

School Of Seven Bells cover Lil Wayne, I had a feeling this would happen one day, they have good taste in Pop artists. I’m into it, iTunes tells me i’ve listened to it 8 times, its simple and really shows off Alley’s beautiful voice, so why not have fun and cover a song you enjoy if you have the skills?

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Lars says:

October 2, 2012 at 9:54 am

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