Arc Lab+Oval+Quiet Village

Posted by Jakub

Arc Lab
What really makes my day and keeps me from not just becoming a complete hermit is when i see or meet passionate people and the most passionate person I know is my good friend Danny(The Reflecting Skin) by a long shot. If you ever could witness him enjoying a track or him performing it honestly will make you smile, you’ll have no other choice. Watching him is a mixture of a mad scientist that thinks he has nailed down some brand new formula for something extra special and is pacing back and forth and is completely unreachable or him literally dropping to his knees and giving you the “wait for it….ok now”. I wasn’t even allowed to speak in his room when we first listened to the new Telefon Tel Aviv record but when he played me this Arc Lab track at a really high bit rate and on great speakers he did all of the above. The bell comes in like it’s ringing on a foggy morning at about 5 am a 100 yards away then just a simple average IDM drum pattern comes to partner up the bell and you wait and there it is its simple and low but the bassline appears thicker than trying to eat cheese cake with a dry throat. The song comes completely alive with the melodies fighting for your attention like Aphex Twin’s “Fingerbib”. I hope you can enjoy it as much as Danny and I do.

Arc Lab – Versions


Oval – Do While


Quiet Village – Can’t Be Beat


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Alex / HeadUp says:

October 20, 2008 at 8:49 am

Love that Arc Lab track, I first heard it on LimbikFrequencies last yr…another song that I find equally enthralling is Proem – Ctimsells, a song which begins almost as if you’re entering a futuristic city by flying car, then it almost comes to a halt, the entire pace and sound morphs like reflections passing through your window as you weave slowly through pyramid-like skyscrapers of glass.