Toro Y Moi+T. Wallace+Benoit & Sergio

Posted by Jakub

Toro y Moi has a new EP out and it’s chalked full of funk with a house appeal, personally loving this one the most.

Tornado Wallace makes tracks for DJs, nice long cuts that are perfect for cueing in and mixing together, he perfected this Cut Copy cut.

Benoit & Sergio do the best club remixes, soo many other artists edits fall my the waist side because there usually one trick ponies or follow a formula or just copy others. Benoit & Sergio have there own thing going, full of detail and not trying to fake the hype.

ON SIDE NOTE: Head over to the ISO50 room, click it and listen to other ISO50 readers DJ this weekend, we will be scheduling a few listening sessions and guest DJs soon.

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Chris Deutsch says:

September 16, 2011 at 3:57 pm

If you haven’t checked out yet, then stop all activity and go directly to this link (the iso50 room on ttfm):

I’ve been on ttfm since almost the beginning (3 months) and assuming you love the music on this blog as much as I do, you’ll agree that the iso50 room is by far the best on ttfm. Jump in…we’ve got gorillas with bear/kid backpacks n everything.


Foodfornick says:

September 16, 2011 at 4:02 pm

Indeed, this room is eons better than Pandora. Instead of a computer programming what it thinks you like, you get selections from individuals with similar tastes.