HTRK + Pure X + Niva + Beat Connection

Posted by Jakub

Is it too early in the summer for such dark lush post rock from HTRK? not at all, this is classic feeling, i’ve never heard a better Suicide cover and probably never will, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

For those that need more summer cuts that you can pass out to that are in the vein of Ducktails and Real Estate then you’ll need this song from Pure X in your collection.

I found Niva randomly looking for something on has been my #1 resource for new music), their whole EP wasn’t bad, a bit on the popular summer indie sound but it doesn’t matter that much when it pops up on your iTunes and you run to go see who it is.

You know I love The Drums, the vocal studder here is a bit much but here’s the first remix from their upcoming album thats due out next month. September is looking to be a busy release month.

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