Beaches+Deadbeat+Outputmess.+A. France

Posted by Jakub

The haziness that this Dirty Beaches song puts me in is just unbelievable, the man has honed in on the perfect balance of song writing and lo-fi decay.

When Deadbeat is spot on his textured dub sound its some of my favorite listening music. Grabbing songs here and there from his discography can make one of the most enjoyable audio sessions for someone that is new to experimental music.

Outputmessage has become catchier and catchier, originally just making beautiful avant synth pieces but now its straight forward soft club material.

We should be excited for the new Air France album but its a bit too much for me at the 2:00 minute mark when the American Idol child star vocals comes in, I was just totally enjoying myself then made an awful face when it came in, i’m sorry but I like Air France too much to not say anything.

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