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Beautiful Bells

Beautiful Bells doesn’t just sit down and work on one song, he experiments past what most producers even try to make and rides that out until he feels that journey has hit an enjoyable time for himself. That journey can be 20 mins or hours i’m sure but when it comes down to having a song I have a feeling its kind of fun digging thru that material, seems like an satisfying process. When it came down to picking a song from his album it was a bit hard since I think of the album as a listening session but I do find myself nodding my head to one of his more straight forward beats called Purple Topped and Flagrant.

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My favorite live techno act is Portable, he’s miles ahead of most producers in that world, last time I saw him singing in a CV radio and in a Cosby sweater on a Manhattan rooftop in the rain. I saw Alan Abrahams aka Portable/Bodycode in 2005 in Detroit, he had long braids and had this amazing techno/tribal dance he was doing while he was playing, pure body music, dancing better than anyone that was on the dancefloor, so happy to see him remixing The Knife.

Banjo or Freakout, if your band name was different I would have probably checked you out earlier but i’m glad I finally did thanks to a few friend recommendations.

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Jayden Lawson says:

November 24, 2010 at 5:09 pm

Nice post again Jakub!! I’m still trying to catch up on all your posts – I’m still somewhere in 2007 but I’ll get there!

Just wanted to give you this link of a pretty damn sweet site for music discovery: – the 99 most talked about songs online each day across blogs, social networks, forums and download networks – pretty sweet idea!