ISO50 Visuals At LAUNCH

Posted by Scott

I’m in Sacramento decompressing after the final, completely insane, few weeks putting the finishing touches on the new Tycho album (I’ll be announcing the release date here very soon). It just so happens that Launch — Sacramento’s annual art / music / fashion festival — is going down this weekend and I’ll be doing some live visuals for Little Foxes during their set.

If you’re not yet up on Little Foxes, they’re a new band consisting of Dusty Brown, Jacob Golden, and Zac Brown (live bassist and collaborator in Tycho). They’re incredible and this event is not to be missed. There are a lot of other great artists on the bill and to top it off it’s back at The Greens again. Hope to see you out there.

More Info at Launch Fesitval site

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Justin D says:

July 22, 2011 at 12:06 pm

Longtime fan, first time commenter here.

You mention in a previous post that you use VDMX. Speaking as a new VDMX user (just 2 paid gigs so far):

1. Thanks for the inspiration.

2. Would you mind describing for me a just a little bit about how you set up your workspace?

Do you concentrate more on effects or on video mixing? How much do use the program’s audio analysis? And finally, what kind of hardware do you run it on; MacBook Pro or something else?

Thanks much, and I look forward to seeing the video from Launch.