Windsurf + Project Sandro

Posted by Jakub

If you’ve been following any of the slowed down disco that’s been in alot of peoples ear you usually hear about talented Europeans like Prins Thomas, Todd Terje, and Lindstrom. Well, California has its own trio in my eyes Hatchback and Sorcerer who make up Windsurf and Rollmottle who is part of Project Sandro with Tony Watson. Alot of their music comes out on the wonderful “California Soul” imprint Sentrall Records where it feels like windsurfing and collecting original vintage synthesizers have become 2 hobbies that are inseparable. I first heard about all this music thru my favorite group Broker/Dealer which have been doing music similar to this for awhile now, they were making these kind of tracks in the early 2000’s. I hope you can enjoy these spaced out jams while you go about your day today. As for the art above i grabbed it from Sorcerer’s myspace and there is plenty more where that came from on Dream Chimney’s Sleevery section which Scott loves to grab from.

Windsurf – Pocket Check


Project Sandro(Rollmottle + Tony Watson) – Blazer


Sorcerer – Surfing at Midnight


Hatchback – Everything is Neu


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Op says:

August 5, 2008 at 9:25 pm

wow who would have thought a group called windsurf would make such nice tunes :P Great can listen to these guys when I’m drivin down the coast to go….(insert band name here) ing! Might help calm the nerves on the big days..


Jayden Lawson says:

August 5, 2008 at 11:30 pm

What an awesome cover.

Hey does anyone know how to view soneone’s entire Reply? When replies are too large, I can only see the start and end clipped by a “[…]” ?


barry says:

August 12, 2008 at 7:19 am

the originals are goodbut the prins thomas mixs of sorcerer- surfing at midnight and hatchback – white diamond are two of my favoutite tracks from last year. amazing stuff.