Anika + Years + Lukid + Stellar Om Source

Posted by Jakub

It was sad to hear about the loss of the singer from The Slits just a bit ago, this new song by Anika on Stones Throw reminds me alil bit of that of what I liked about The Slits, the power in the voice isn’t there here but the charm of how loose and free the making of the music is something i’ve always wised I could do and this girl has that.

i’m a sucker for sampled cut up guitars that loop in a pretty way, thats why this Years song is up here today.

Lukid does fascinating things with low end, i’m always checking in on what he’s going to do on the less hype songs like this.

Stellar OM Source laid down a very interesting LP that became available yesterday, a personally can’t get enough of this Sand Lie track, I just wish it was longer.

Photo by: Jesse Brew

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Omer says:

November 18, 2010 at 10:31 am

When listening to the Years track I was reminded of Do Make Say Think. Then I found out that Ohad Benchetrit is Years. My head exploded.