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I guess today’s post is all about just synth soundscapes which features some new faces that I saw live recently and a legend that I missed, I could have kept going but these 4 felt right.

I heard Gary Numan played in New York last month and it didn’t sell out *sigh*

I’m really looking forward to this Stellar Om Source LP thats coming out next week, she definitely adds a finesse touch to the synth scene that seems to be growing day after day.

Innergaze has this vibe thats unexplainable, I’ve been picturing a pastel colored set on a public access channel and its 1983 or 1991 either or and on that set its just girls with big hair in teal exercise outfits acting unhappy playing with gems, don’t take that idea i’m going to use it for a video.

Forma didn’t have any merch at their show so I had to dig up a WAV off their soundcloud, really nice lushy repetition.

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