Full Stream: Shigeto’s Full Circle Album

Posted by Jakub

Since i’ve known Zach Saginaw aka Shigeto and saw him play live I had a feeling early on he was one of those guys that was going to give beat producers a run for their money, the man is a performer and can drum with more dynamics than any other producer I know. You can listen to songs like Look At All The Smiling Faces and get the understanding that this isn’t someone thats looking to just produce beats for fun, the man wants to do this as a living because he cares about the sound and was born to take this sound to the next level and not only on a album but more importantly on stage.

If you’re a vinyl head then this is your piece, the vinyl comes with a art sleeve by Mike Cina and the CD slid in there too, you can pick it up at The Ghostly Store.

Below is a quick run thru of the whole LP, just a few seconds of each song that was done by Alex Koplin aka H34dUp and who comments on the blog regularly.

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Ryan says:

November 9, 2010 at 1:21 pm

Ordered it before I went to bed last night after streaming it on Soundcloud. It’s excellent. I’m really liking the purchase options for this album: MP3 download, Vinyl, and CD for $15 is a steal!