Posted by Jakub

Minimal Wave has its own passionate community, one that has a forum with involved fans, pretty much the perfect label culture you’d like to see. I picked up this Das Ding vinyl over the weekend after passing by it too many times at the record stores. Its a great LP all the way thru with minimal synths with a hazy goth/punk attitude, makes me want to dive back into more of these records that I use to love so much.

One of the best minimal synths bands i’ve ever seen live was Xeno and Oaklander, a seriously cared for project put out by Wierd Records, what I love about them is that when you see them on stage you have a feeling that they live this music, its not an act, those two don’t step out of their dark mood much or I could be wrong but the dedication shows.

Automelodi is a bit more french dark pop compared to the last 2 songs in my opinion, almost touches on a 80’s hit, great youthful lead synth work.

Lets space it out with Klaus Schulze to add some diversity.

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Salemid says:

August 31, 2010 at 2:34 pm

Hey Jakub, great choice of Das Ding. Since you are in Brooklyn, you should check out Co-Op 87. They have tons of Minimal Wave and other hard to find vinyl. It’s operated out of the Kemado / Mexican Summer storefront.