DEMF Day 1

Posted by Scott

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We’re in  Detroit for DEMF (Movement) and it’s pretty insane. I played a set today, thanks to everyone for coming out. I had no idea this thing was so big, and loud. The first picture is unfortunately from my iPhone, so the quality’s not so hot, but it’s all I had on me at the time. I did have my Nikon for (a very small) part of the day and got some interesting stuff here and there. Incidentally, that’s your faithful correspondent Jakub in the last shot; if you see him out, ask him for more information about Willits. We’ll be out and about tomorrow so hopefully I’ll get some better shots of the festival and Detroit in general. I think we’re also taking a drive up to Ann Arbor (always wanted to visit) so maybe I’ll get some up there too.

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Ed Knight says:

May 25, 2008 at 10:06 pm

Awesome job at DEMF man, it was good meeting you and Jakub. I will send u some of those photos i took of u soon. Hopefully u enjoyed detroit and can make it back here sometime.


Thomas says:

May 27, 2008 at 1:41 pm

Thanks again for the passes Scott & Jakub – it was a great weekend.
I went to Submerge after meeting you and met up with Mike Banks & actually gave him the other weekend wristband pass! So funny / sad in a way…