The Sight Below+Eluvium+Kaito+Led Er Est

Posted by Jakub

You probably won’t hear a record like that using guitars that is this good ever in your life I bet, The Sight Below marries devastation with beautiful at a syrupy tempo, a must have for late night no talking get togethers.

A new album from Eluvium is always welcomed with open arms by my ears, here’s a short and fluttery piano piece by the highly talented artist, also make sure to pick the LP for the vocal material as well.

Kaito‘s makes trance okay to listen to because he sounds educated to the sounds he chooses, its not clubs and bad taste here its about a lush composition, i’d go as far as just demolishing the whole genre and letting Kaito just own it and if you want trance you just have to put on a Kaito record.

New York’s Post Wave Wierd Records has a solid artistry and newly added all analog(yes, thats right no computers just synths and even hardware sequencers) Led Er Est was a treat to see live the other night. Their sound expands way beyond this CC Exit track but I had to post it because they ended with it in an epic manner by speeding up every synth until it was just a wall of sound, I hope to have more material for you soon to expand on this.

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chris McNamara says:

April 13, 2010 at 10:42 pm

Amen on the way you describe Kaito. I’ve often thought it was goofy to limit what he does to the trance moniker. What he does is so much more nuanced and full and emotive and smart. Amen again. Ditto on the Sight


Ian says:

April 13, 2010 at 10:56 pm

Love the Kaito and Led Er Est tracks, especially the latter.

But, Kaito… trance? Really? I don’t think so at all.