Vintage BMW Ads

Posted by Scott

In keeping with my recent car kick I thought I’d post these vintage BMW ads. The first one — created as part of BMW’s affiliation with the 1972 Munich Olympics — is vaguely reminiscent of Otl Aicher’s posters. I’m assuming this was no accident. It’s also a big enough file that you could probably get a pretty good print out of it off a nice inkjet (click image to view full size). I really wish more vintage posters like this were available in higher resolutions. With most of this advertising stuff, the owners of the copyrights have no intention of ever printing them again, it’s a shame they can’t be reproduced and enjoyed by more people.

Via CarType

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Charlie Hartman says:

February 15, 2011 at 6:59 pm

The Otl Aicher feel might not be a coincidence. One of my college professors worked for Aicher in the early 70’s, and I recall him talking about doing some work for BMW.