Seattle = Tycho + Dusty Brown

Posted by Scott

Tycho + Dusty Brown Live - Photo By Lead Into Gold

Tycho + Dusty Brown Live - Photo By Lead Into Gold

I’m happy to announce that 2/3rds of Dusty Brown will be joining me on stage for the Seattle show on Thursday. We’ve been rehearsing some new versions of different songs and we’ll also be playing the Dusty Brown remix from Past is Prologue. Flying out tomorrow, gotta start packing, see you out there.

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Photo from Ghostly 10 Year @ Mezzanine SF by Lead Into Gold 101.

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Eric says:

September 25, 2009 at 10:12 am

Hey Man……Really good job last night. Fuckin awesome show. I’ve always really enjoyed your music in this kind of super mellow sense. Last night however, you showed me that you are capable of bringing the hard jammin pump! Anyways, I liked it even more than the 2009 VMAs…except for the whistling