Tycho in Urb’s Next 100

Posted by Scott

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Urb Magazine’s 14th annual "Next 100" issue is on shelves now and this year they were kind enough to include me in the list.

"The only thing more beautiful than the mesmerizing design and print work he creates under the ISO50 name might be Scott Hansen’s rich analog signal path. As Tycho, this San Francisco artist has an absolute lock on daydream downtempo, fusing thick, fuzzy beats with lush synths, samples and guitars. Buy the ticket, take the ride. RT – Urb Magazine"

Kind words indeed, much appreciated.

ISO50 Speaking @ FITC Toronto

Posted by Scott

I’ll be speaking at the FITC Toronto Design & Technology Festival on Monday, April 21st, 2008 [view full schedule]. I’ve yet to attend an FITC event but I’ve heard great things so I’m very excited to check it out. I’ll be covering the method and theory behind my work in a talk entitled "ISO50: Blending Analogue & Digital". Hope to see you all out.

I’ll also be doing a live Tycho set with ISO50 visuals at the Drake Hotel in Toronto on April 20th. I’ll be posting more on that as details become available. There’s talk of a set during the FITC festival as well, more info will follow.

Beamer Arduino

Posted by Scott

This one is for the audio geeks among us. While I was in Austin I got to play around with my friend Beamer’s Arduino Sequencer prototype (see video above). This thing is really fun and has some very interesting features. We both have the Doepfer MAQ-16 which has it’s strengths, but overall is sort of disappointing so I’ve been looking for a replacement. Hopefully Beamer gets his Arduino into production soon, would love to take this on the road.

The Matrix Synth blog posted about the video, there are also some pictures and more info on the sequencer.

Comunicazione Audiovisiva

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505573116_a5e47842d8_o 505522360_9f1462a1f0_o
Some Italiano for you via Pink Ponk’s Flickr. Questo aiuto con la vostra scuola?

1969 Magazine Advertisement.
"Film Special: bimestrale sui problemi della comunicazione audiovisia"
Advertising Office: Studio S & F Cappellato
Milano, Italy 

1969 Poster.
"Studio della simbologia e della modulazione"
Advertising Office: Arflex – I. Negri
Milano, Italy