The Social Network Soundtrack

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If you haven’t seen The Social Network yet, I highly recommend it. Initially I was skeptical—I mean how good could a movie about Facebook possibly be? The answer is, truly inspiring. There is something about seeing success happen that triggers the “let’s make things happen” part of my brain.

Not only is the movie worth the watch, the soundtrack by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross is also worth the download. Luckily for us the sampler is available for free and the full 19-track album is only five bucks.

Madlib + Paperclip P. + Diskjokke + Grouper

Posted by Jakub

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An oldie but a goodie, Madlib manhandles music from India into the heavy beat that I love in hip hop these days.

I had a good weekend night at Bunker in Brooklyn this past Friday, some great Detroit DJs showed up and that opened a tiny door back up in my heart for few techno classics to jump back into my life.

Some smooth workings by Diskjokke, let this ride out, it unfolds nicely.

Took a hour long car ride with Benoit Pioulard listening to this Grouper LP Cover the Windows and the Walls, this song couldn’t be written any better.

Teenage Engineering Syricon

Posted by Scott

You may remember Teenage Engineering as the Swedish ID firm that’s developing the gorgeous OP-1 sythesizer. But while digging through their blog I came across another incredible design, something called the Syricon.

I can only guess what this beast is for; TE are tight-lipped about it except for what little info they divulge in this interview with Shift:

It’s a defense training machine! It’s a quite massive machine, built in water-jet cut aluminum sides, stainless steel top-plates, custom cnc’d plastics & alu details. We wanted it to look very custom and were inspired by pro line-array speaker systems + instrumentation seen in the air/space-biz.

We did everything from design, actual construction & building it, development of vector/3d graphics libraries, game development, circuit-boards etc. Crazy project, it was built in 1 month.

Not sure whether to take “defense training machine” as a joke or not. Either way I want one modified to function as a DAW controller.

Oh and then there’s this. These guys are killing it.

Loscil + Small Black + Houses + Destroyer

Posted by Jakub

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If you have followed the blog from the beginning you may know I post Loscil on a consistent basis. Yesterday he posted a small EP via his bandcamp that included this gem called Gallium. I can only describe the sound as the feeling you get when you start swinging on a swing set but in slow motion and instead of a playground imagine yourself in a cave.

I am ADDICTED to this beginning song by Small Black, the intro melody gives me goosebumps, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ALBUM PURCHASE.

Many of the chillwave artists such as Houses are spinning out of the very enjoyable yet highly bashed genre. There are some interesting and beautiful pieces of lo-fi work as a result. One thing I realized after hearing this song, i’m a sucker for woodblocks with echo.

Its new Tim Hecker with Destroyer on vocals. The reaction I have after listening is that I wish there was more music like this, its a well crafted idea that could go horribly bad but these 2 talents make it work.

3 Minutes

Really simple, clean typography fits this publication well. 3 Minutes is from the non-profit organization Designers Against Human Rights Abuse.

Contributors to the project include Bibliotheque, Brighten the Corners, Stefan Gandl (NeubauBerlin), Alex Haigh (Thinkdust / HypeforType), Nick Hard (Research Studios), Jeff Knowles (Research Studios), Abbott Miller (Pentagram), Si Scott, Paul Skerm and last but not least Un.titled.

Nerd Boyfriend Dot Com

Posted by Jakub

Every guy has their way of shopping, some do a quick grab and go without trying anything on from J Crew, some shop only on the internet, and some just let their girlfriend or mom do it all for them. I personally like clothing shopping, I use to be a buyer for a few vintage shops and do plenty of looking around in shops every week. I came across NerdBoyfriend awhile back and I keep coming back, the name is a bit misleading but the whole idea of finding old photos of people that we love like Martin Short or Chevy Chase and helping you put together that outfit by linking to clothes that look like whats in the picture is a pretty clever idea for a site in my opinion.

David Ope

Posted by Scott

Photosensitivity, Epilepsy, Seizure Warning: Some of the imagery in this post may trigger seizures or blackouts in affected individuals.

David Ope is a “Animated GIF Artist”, something I’ll admit I didn’t even know existed. He creates various mesmerizing, if not a little eye-straining, animated GIFs. Many are his own designs — mostly black and white striped compositions — but others are found media pieces featuring everything from himself as a baby to solar flares. I’ve included stills of some of his work above, click each to view the animated version — didn’t want to get all Geocities on you.

Be sure to check out his blog, where you’ll find all sorts of interesting work beyond his own portfolio, like this superb example below (possibly the best animated GIF ever made). Amazing to see people pushing a near-dead medium in such interesting directions.

David Ope via Changethethought via Sam Valenti

White Rainbow: Sea Thru EP

Posted by Jakub

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Its November and its time to start digging for new ambient projects to listen to in the background while you take up a new hobby over the winter like putting up new handmade wallpaper in a very OCD fashion, reorganizing those sport cards you collected in the 90′s, re-lacing your shoes in that new way you like them now, or wiping the dust off your plants that you barely water. I highly suggest that you check out White Rainbow’s new EP See Thru thats listed under the always enjoyable NAME YOUR OWN PRICE option, you won’t be disappointed if your a Loscil or Benoit Pioulard fan.