Aaron Feaver

Posted by Alex

Aaron Feaver is an absolutely terrific photographer based in Los Angeles. His work is very moody and drenched in melancholy. It seems everywhere he goes it’s foggy and there are countless beautiful women moping around. Sounds like San Francisco…er…well, at least the bit about the fog.

Check out the rest of his portfolio here (depending how old school your job is, some of his shots may be nsfw).

The Graphic Design of Urgency

Posted by Scott

Recto|Verso has a great piece up entitled Radical Newspapers and ‘The Graphic Design of Urgency’. F.A. Bernett Books (who’s staff runs the Recto|Verso blog) came into possession a collection of 184 issues of Mid-century leftist literature spanning seven decades and have posted some choice specimens. The collection is apparently for sale; any interested parties can get in touch at the site.


Ghostly International Presents: Context

Posted by Jakub

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A lot people might hear these songs and just find them more on the beautiful dark end but I hear a ton of elegance and timeless happiness that I don’t want to stop. I could have picked any 4 tracks from this compilation and had that same reaction yet the genre is hard to pinpoint for each song since post classical and modern aren’t these songs, there are more dimensions unfolding after you start having feelings for the sound. I picked tracks by Rafael Anton Irisarri, Peter Broderick, Manual, and Kyle Bobby Dunn to share with you because they almost all have this slow opening and closing feel to them that attracts me. If you pick up a copy i’d get the vinyl version, I know Ghostly will probably never repress this gorgeous gatefold 2xLP that Michael Cina did and once you hold it you’ll see why.


Posted by Jakub

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I wanted to share some underrated influencers to a lot of the music that I post on the blog, for more of the slow disco The Alan Parsons Project has to be something that people like Pilooski, Mark E, Lindstrom, Low Motion Disco listened to when they were kids. Mu-ziq is probably more relavent than Aphex Twin now to most of the young kids that are in love with Dubstep since he runs the Planet Mu label but Lunatic Harness should be a classic that sits next to Boards Of Canada: Music Has The Right To Children. Baby Ford has been all over the place in his career style wise when it comes to techno but never really gets the love I think he deserves, thats why he’s on this list. Souls of Mischief isn’t underrated but when was the last time you put this on?

Still looking for the photo credit, will link soon.

Cole Rise

Posted by Scott

I learned of Cole Rise via his Instagram (@colerise – some great stuff in there too) and was immediately stricken with the beauty or his photography work. But when I saw his full portfolio I was completely blown away. I’d compare his style to maybe a little more processed version of Tim Navis, skewed more towards landscapes. Really beautiful stuff.

Cole Rise Site . Flickr . Instagram

ISO50 Playlist 11

Posted by ISO50

ISO50 Playlist 11 – Compiled By Aarnio & Tycho

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ISO50 Playlist 11 is up! We hope you enjoy this selection, if you like what you hear, let us know. More playlists available in The Playlist Archive.

Track Listing

Cut Copy – Where I’m Going
Beach Fossils – Fall Right In
Radiohead – Feral
Belong – Perfect Life
Modeselektor – I Love You
Chad Valley – Anything
The Juan Maclean – Give Me Every Little Thing (Gmelt)
Kano – I’m Ready
Siriusmo – Blaue Sonne
Daft Punk – End of Line
Depeche Mode – Useless (K&D Session)
Teeel – Dark Passenger
Cex – Theme Song to Cex
Woo – A Complex Art
Dorian White – Exit
Can – Bel Air (Edit)
Geotic – Beaming Husband
Monogold – Feel Animal
Moths – Heart
Painted Palms – All of Us
Yes – Survival
Broadcast and The Focus Group – The Be Colony
Jay Dee aka J Dilla – One
Jensen Sportag – Jareaux
Yoshinori Sunahara – Balance
Dntel – Peepsie
Marina & the Diamonds – Obsessions (oOoOO RMX)
Memoryhouse – Caregiver
Yo La Tengo – Don’t Have to Be So Sad
The Antlers – Kettering

Cover artwork by S.Hansen – Thanks to Eric Carl for providing textures.